6 Months on a Carnivore Diet: A Life-Changing Transformation

In this video, the speaker shares their experience of following a carnivore diet for six months. They initially transitioned from a plant-based diet and saw significant physical and mental improvements. The speaker discusses their blood work results, including improved cholesterol levels and increased testosterone. They also mention benefits such as increased energy, improved digestion, thicker hair growth, better teeth and gum health, reduced need for frequent urination, enhanced injury healing, and increased libido. Mentally, they feel more grounded, disciplined, and cognitively sharp. The speaker expresses a sense of alignment with their ancestral dietary habits and plans to continue with a predominantly carnivorous approach but may indulge in other foods occasionally. They also mention considering another water fast in the near future.

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Key Insights:

  • The journalist has been eating a carnivore diet for the past six months and has experienced significant transformations in his physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.
  • He started the carnivore diet after suffering from gut inflammation and malnutrition caused by plant-based eating.
  • He primarily consumes beef, butter, eggs, and some fish, and noticed a surge in energy and vitality in the initial months of the diet.
  • The journalist’s blood work showed improvements in hemoglobin, hematocrit, erythrocytes, cholesterol, testosterone, and more.
  • Physical benefits included increased muscle mass, improved digestion, hair growth, better hydration, and injury healing.
  • Mental improvements included enhanced cognition, increased discipline, heightened senses, and a renewed sense of masculinity.
  • The journalist feels spiritually aligned with his ancestors‘ way of eating, although he recognizes the disconnection in the modern sourcing and consumption of meat.
  • He intends to continue with a predominantly carnivore diet but remains open to indulging in other foods occasionally.
  • He plans on doing another water fast to further promote healing and vitality.


It’s a special day. Today marks six months since I transitioned from being a plant-based eater to eating a carnivorous diet. In this video, I want to share with you the transformation I’ve experienced during this time and cover the various aspects of this diet. I’ll talk about the pros and cons, the improvements I’ve noticed physically, mentally, and spiritually, and even share my blood work results. I’ll also address some frequently asked questions.

To provide some context, let me briefly explain what led me to adopt a carnivorous diet. For the past decade, I had been suffering from gut inflammation and disease, experiencing severe diarrhea on a daily basis. I tried different plant-based diets in hopes of healing myself, including raw till four and a fully raw vegan diet, but none of them worked for me. In fact, they further malnourished me. I reached a point where my body was deteriorating, and I decided to undergo a 22-day water fast, which turned out to be the best thing I’ve ever done for my health.

Before starting the carnivore diet, I ate a variety of foods, including beef, butter, eggs, fish, oysters, and even some milk. However, I found that my body craved beef the most, so I primarily consumed beef for the past six months. Initially, I was eating around four to five thousand calories daily, including large amounts of ground beef and animal fats. However, over time, my diet evolved, and I now consume less than two pounds of beef per day, with a lower proportion of fats. It seems like my body has found its equilibrium and no longer feels the need to consume excessive amounts of food.

Now, let’s talk about my blood work. I’ve had various blood tests done over the years, and I also have a recent blood test from the four-month mark of my carnivore journey. Overall, my blood work shows significant improvements. Hemoglobin, hematocrit, and erythrocyte levels, which had been below the reference range for years, are now within a healthy range. my lipid panel has also shown improvements, likely due to the increased consumption of cholesterol from animal sources. My total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, and triglycerides have all increased since starting the carnivore diet. Additionally, my testosterone levels, which were previously low, have approximately doubled.

In terms of physical changes, I experienced increased energy and vitality since beginning the carnivore diet. I went from feeling weak and depleted to feeling strong and energetic. However, in the past month or two, I have noticed a decline in my overall energy levels, which I believe is a sign that my body is signaling the need for another water fast to continue healing any existing dysfunctions.

Moreover, my digestion has significantly improved compared to my previous plant-based diet. I’ve noticed positive changes in my hair growth, gum health, sleep patterns, and injury healing. I also feel more hydrated, possibly due to the intake of animal fats.

Mentally, I feel sharper and more articulate, and I have a renewed sense of masculinity. My libido has significantly increased, and I feel a greater sense of discipline and focus in my daily life.

From a spiritual perspective, it feels empowering to know that I’m living in alignment with how our ancestors lived. However, I’m aware that my current food sourcing is quite disconnected from their methods, and I look forward to remedying that in the future by building relationships with local farmers or participating in hunting.

In terms of the future, I don’t have a strict plan to eat only carnivorous foods forever. While I believe a predominantly carnivore diet is optimal for me, I also recognize the value of enjoying a variety of foods. I may indulge in occasional non-carnivorous foods or adjust my diet based on specific circumstances.

In conclusion, the carnivore diet has brought about significant physical, mental, and spiritual changes in my life. I hope this video has provided insights into my unique experience, and I encourage everyone to listen to their bodies and find what works best for them.