Curing 1,000 People’s Blindness: A Life-changing Journey

In this heartwarming video, Mr. Beast and his team help cure blindness for 1,000 people around the world. They showcase the simple surgery that can eliminate cloudiness in the lens of the eye, allowing patients to see again. The video captures emotional moments as individuals see their loved ones and experience the world with clarity for the first time in years. In addition to the surgeries, Mr. Beast surprises some of the patients with monetary gifts and even gifts a brand new Tesla to a young man who hopes to drive again. The video aims to raise awareness about curable blindness and provide hope to those in need.

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How does this happen?

Key Insights

  • This video is about curing blindness in 1,000 people.
  • The surgery to restore vision is a 10-minute procedure.
  • The surgery involves replacing the clouded lens in the eyes with an artificial one using a tiny vacuum.
  • The surgeries are life-changing for the patients, allowing them to see clearly again.
  • Many of the patients have faced challenges in daily life due to their blindness, such as difficulty working, driving, or recognizing faces.
  • The surgeries have a success rate of around 50%, but for those who are successful, it opens up a whole new world.
  • Several patients in the video receive surprises, such as cash prizes, a car, or donations to help other blind individuals.
  • The video highlights the importance of providing access to this surgery to those in need, as nearly half of the population with curable blindness doesn’t have access to it.
  • Mr. Beast and his team aim to make a positive impact on as many lives as possible by restoring sight to those in need.


– In this video, we’re curing 1,000 people’s blindness. (crowd cheering) It’s gonna be crazy.

– [Narrator 1] Most of us see the world like this. But here’s the thing, 200 million people see the world like this.

– [Mr. Beast] But I just made it one less.

– Oh. Wow.

– [Narrator 1] She is just one of 1000 blind people we helped from around the world.

– They can’t see. But we have all the technology to fix it.

– Yep, half of all the blindness in the world is people who need a 10-minute surgery.

– Crazy.

– Yeah.

– Oh my God. I see everybody.

– Oh, I can see clearer. (laughs) I can jump for joy! (laughs)

– Yeah, I can see your face, I can see your face, I can see your face.

– [Mr. Beast] If you’re wondering how the surgery allows people to see again, it’s because the lens in their eyes is so cloudy that they can’t see through it. So the surgeon uses a tiny vacuum to suck up the clouded lens.

– Whoa, it’s sucking.

– [Mr. Beast] And replace it with an artificial one.

– [Narrator 2] The surgery is that simple. They can see again.

– Woo… Oh my…

– You pay for my surgery?

– Yes.

– Seriously?

– You know what? Here’s $10,000. To make your day even better. (person in mask screaming) Is she okay? We’re gonna go fix more people’s eyesight. She’s squeezing hard.

– [Narrator 1] And we’re just getting started. We still have 980 lives left to change.

– Sheesh! There’s my watch. I’ve never seen it before.

– Oh my God.

– I have night blindness, I couldn’t see. And you just deal with it for life.

– I’m Nolan, by the way.

– I’m Karl.

– You’re Karl? I know a guy named Karl. Not a good guy.

– [Mr. Beast] Moment of truth.

– Wow, you are pretty ain’t you? (Mr. Beast chuckling)

– What’s it like? What do you see?

– Blur.

– How long have you not been able to work for?

– Four months?

– Did you hear about the cross-eyed teacher? She couldn’t control her pupils.

– Ugh…

– I’m gonna need an anesthetic soon. (dramatic upbeat music)

– Oh man. No cloudiness, no blurriness.

– Oh, it’s perfect.

– [Mr. Beast] Now what’s it like?

– I can see everything.

– I don’t need these. (laughs)

– Our next patient is Charlie. You’re not able to read any of this text on the TV?

– Nope, it’s an E or something I think.

– He won’t know he won 10 grand until after his surgery. I can’t wait to see his reaction. Charlie sees everything like this, and it’s made him and his family’s life extremely difficult.

– I was a cashier and my eyes was getting so bad, I couldn’t see how much money to give back. I just wanna get my vision back so I can go back to work.

– Man, you’re gonna be really happy after this surgery.

– We’ll see after it.

– Trust me, you will see.

– [Mr. Beast] When patients go into surgery, there’s a chance that they can get their life back. And for Charlie, if the surgery goes well, he can go back to work. What’s it like?

– Oh, wow.

– All right, let’s see if he can read it now. What does this say?

– You just won $10,000.

– Here you go.

– Oh my gosh.

– Oh my gosh.

– Oh.

– [Charlie] It feels good. I didn’t think I was ever gonna be able to see again.

– Thank you all so much.

– I don’t wanna lose none of it.

– I’ll hold on to it.

– Oh no, I’ll hold on to it. (everyone laughing)

– Dr. Nolan.

– He’s not really a doctor. He’s a fool.

– Do you need any help? (medical staff laughing)

– Wow.

– And I just haven’t been me for the last 62 years. I can actually see your face.

– That’s crazy.

– I can read this. (Mr. Beast laughing)

– When you come out of the surgery, what’s the first thing that you are excited to see?

– My son. He’s been my rock through all of this.

– Before the operation, you mentioned the first thing you wanted to see was your son. – Seeing him, seeing his face. That’s what I miss you know.

– You’re gonna make me cry.

– No, no. You’re good, man. You’re good. You’re really good, man.

– [Mr. Beast] All right.

– Oh my God, man.

– There you go.

– Hey, Dad. Don’t cry.

– I can see everybody’s facial features now. Just a little blurry with my tears coming out. (everyone chuckling)

– How’s it going?

– Okay. (chuckles) Yeah, I’ve been subscribed to you for like 11 years.

– Really? Oh my gosh.

– Jeremiah has been blind in his right eye since he was born. And it’s affected his vision his entire life. Are you excited to be able to see out of both?

– Hopefully, if the surgery goes that way.

– [Narrator 1] Because Jeremiah was born with cataracts, his right eye has never received light. Which means this surgery only has a 50% chance of working.

– I think we go ahead and get it underway, and then we’ll just talk post-op.

– [Narrator 1] And while Jeremiah’s surgery was underway, I met another young man named, Satchel.

– Did they tell you I was gonna be here?

– No.

– Good. He had poor vision from birth, and almost lost his entire vision after a go-karting accident.

– All I see is like blur and color. I can barely see the shapes.

– Obviously, you can’t drive, right?

– No, I cannot.

– And this is the real reason why we’re doing this. Blindness can take away parts of your life.

– And you know, I wanna drive. Since I can’t drive, I’m just at home.

– Good luck. We’ll see you after the procedure. He mentioned multiple times, he really wants to drive after this procedure fixes his eyesight. So I’ll see you at the end of the video when we surprise him with a brand new Tesla.

– [Narrator 1] But first, let’s see if Jeremiah’s surgery was successful.

– Let’s do this. How’d it go?

– Good.

– Yeah? Are you excited?

– (laughs) Yeah.

(gentle uplifting music)

– Take your time. No pressure.

– Everything looks so more clear.

– Yeah? To make this day even more special, since you’re about to graduate high school and go to college, we wanted to give you $50,000 to put towards college. (gentle uplifting music continues)

– I didn’t even think this was real. Like I’m waiting to wake up. Oh my god.

– [Narrator 2] And now, let’s check in to see how Satchel’s surgery went.

– Now I don’t even see any blur. It’s kind of great.

– How are you feeling? How’s life been now?

– It’s been good, you know. I’ll be like looking at the cars and I’m like, „Wow, I can see that car „all the way over there.“

– That’s good. If you’re gonna drive.

– Yeah.

(everyone laughing)

– I have a surprise for you. Do you mind putting on this blindfold?

– Hold on, hold on.

– I know it’s a little ironic that we just did the surgery. Satchel, take off your blindfold. (car horn beeping)

– What?

(upbeat music)

– This is your brand new Tesla.

– Woo!

– And if Chris wrecks it, I’ll buy another one.

– Oh! (chuckles) Literally, I cannot put into words how I feel right now.

– Have you ever driven a car before?

– No.

(upbeat music continues)

– I love how we’re letting a guy who couldn’t see a couple weeks ago drive us.

– Yeah.

– Wait. There’s one cone you should hit.

– Don’t hit the cone. (upbeat music continues)

– Yeah!

(everyone applauding) (car horn beeping)

– So not only are we helping people here in America but we’re also going to other places around the world.

– [Narrator 1] Because unfortunately, nearly half the population with curable blindness doesn’t have access to this surgery.

– [Narrator 2] So I wanted to provide this for as many people as possible. (uplifting orchestral music)

– You see how many?

– Two.

– I can see!

– As a thank you because you were just so gracious in this video, we wanna make a $100,000 donation.

– It’ll bring sight to thousands of people. (speaking in foreign language)

– I see everything.

– Oh my god, you are so beautiful. (Nolan laughing) Wow!

– Thank you, Mr. Beast.

– Thank you.

– [Everyone] Thank you! (uplifting orchestral music fades)