Delay in Vaccine Inquiry Hearings Disappoints Public

In this video from Radio Davos, the journalist discusses the postponement of public hearings for the UK Co Inquiry’s investigation into vaccines and therapeutics. The hearings were scheduled for the summer of 2024 but have been rescheduled to a later date, causing disappointment. The chair of the inquiry reassures that the hearings will be held as soon as possible to ensure effectiveness. The video also mentions Disease X, an upcoming virus that the global health community and governments need to be prepared for. Global collaboration and funding are deemed necessary for improved pandemic preparedness and faster response to viral outbreaks.

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How does this happen?

Key Insights:

  • The public hearings for the UK C0-inquiry’s investigation into vaccines and therapeutic modules have been rescheduled and delayed to prioritize the inquiry’s third investigation into the impact of the pandemic on healthcare.
  • The hearings for the fourth module of the official inquiry, which would investigate the development of COVID vaccines and drugs, have also been postponed indefinitely.
  • The inquiry, which has cost £145 million so far, is expected to be finished by the summer of 2026.
  • There are concerns about the delay of the vaccine investigation and the development of disease X, a new virus with potential to cause a future pandemic.
  • The World Economic Forum suggests that global collaboration and adequate funding are necessary to improve pandemic preparedness and develop interventions to target novel viruses quickly.
  • However, the specific details and strategies for preventing disease X are not clear from the information provided.


Warm welcome to this talk on Saturday, January 13th. Now, I want to talk about Disease X in a minute. First, there is some disappointing news regarding the public hearings for the UK COVID Inquiry. The hearings for the investigation into vaccines and therapeutics will be rescheduled, originally planned for the summer of 2024, to allow organizations to prioritize providing evidence for the inquiry’s third investigation into the pandemic’s impact on healthcare. The Chair of the inquiry, Baroness Hallet, acknowledges that the postponement will be a disappointment for some, but the aim is to make the hearings in 2024 as effective as possible. Although the exact reason for the rescheduling is not disclosed, it is assured that the inquiry will be completed by the summer of 2026, hopefully allowing sufficient time for the delayed important module.

Moving on, an article in the Mail Online suggests that the inquiry into vaccines may be delayed indefinitely. Baroness Hallet, again, mentions that the postponement will be a disappointment, but assures that the hearings will be held as soon as possible. The inquiry has already cost £145 million, a substantial amount.

Now, shifting focus, in an unrelated article by the Guardian newspaper, it is reported that Queen Elizabeth allegedly expressed that there are unknown powers at work in the country. These „powers“ remain a mystery, referred to as „known unknowns.“

Next, let’s talk about Disease X, as discussed on the World Economic Forum website. Despite being a clinical nurse since 1975, I had never heard of Disease X until recently. It does not appear in textbook sources such as Reuben’s Pathology, G and Hall’s Physiology, or Porth’s Pathophysiology. Therefore, it must be a newly discovered ailment. This new disease causes some concern, as we have already experienced the impact of a new virus.

According to a talk on Radio Davos, Disease X is looming, and the world needs to be better prepared to address future pandemics. By mapping viruses with the potential to become the next Disease X, governments and the global health community can be more responsive when a pandemic threatens. Global collaboration and adequate funding are necessary to enhance pandemic preparedness and ensure swift action to control viral outbreaks. The talk suggests that techniques will be developed to target novel viruses before they emerge, which may involve repurposed drugs or even vaccines.

Unfortunately, I had to delete yesterday’s video examining a virus that caused brain diseases in mice. The virus in question had evolved in laboratory cell cultures, making it more functional and potentially dangerous. While the exact location of Disease X is unknown, it has the potential to spill over from animal populations to humans. Research and vaccine development for various viral families could give humanity an advantage in fighting against Disease X.

The full article can be read on the World Economic Forum website. It is certainly a concerning topic, and let’s hope that the organization will be able to develop a vaccine or other preventive measures before Disease X becomes a reality for the general public.