Exploring the Fountain of Youth: A Look into a Professional Rejuvenation Athlete’s 111-Supplement Protocol

In this video, professional rejuvenation athlete Brian Johnson discusses his protocol for slowing down the aging process. He takes a total of 111 supplements, which include vitamins, minerals, and various other compounds. His team organizes the pills into tins for easier consumption. Johnson explains the purpose and dosage of some of the supplements he takes, such as ashwagandha for anxiety and testosterone, and turmeric for inflammation. He stresses that his protocol is based on his team’s analysis and measurements of his body, and that it may not be suitable for everyone. Johnson also highlights the importance of sleep, exercise, and a healthy diet as essential components of overall well-being.

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Key Insights:

  • Brian Johnson is a professional Rejuvenation athlete on a quest to slow down the aging process.
  • He has designed a protocol for sleep, exercise, diet, and taking 111 supplements.
  • The number of pills taken varies, sometimes 111, sometimes 104, based on data received.
  • Each supplement has a different frequency and protocol for consumption.
  • Johnson takes around 60+ pills every morning, with a variety of purposes such as anti-anxiety, improved fertility, liver and brain health, joint health, and inflammation control.
  • He takes DHEA and melatonin supplements before bed.
  • The supplements he takes are based on the analysis, evidence, and measurements collected by his team.
  • The objective of the protocol is to slow down and reverse the aging process, but it is not necessary for everyone.
  • Blueprint is a process that looks at evidence, designs a protocol, and analyzes data to achieve optimal health.
  • Johnson’s vegan diet is a personal choice, and Blueprint is not pro-supplements as the only way to be healthy.
  • Basic aspects such as sleep, exercise, and a good diet provide the majority of health benefits.


Hi, my name is Brian Johnson and I am a professional Rejuvenation athlete like Magellan who circumnavigated the globe or Shackleton that tried to Traverse the South Pole. I am a modern-day Explorer searching for the Fountain of Youth, not for the purpose of living indefinitely, but so that we can each be our very best self. And as part of this journey, I take a lot of supplements.

My team and I set out to ask the question, what is possible right now with slowing our speed of aging and reversing it? To do that, we’ve designed a protocol for sleep and exercise and diet, and also 111 supplements. In this video, we’re going to explain to you what I take, when I take them, and why. I’ve spent millions of dollars building this protocol, and I’ve shared it all freely. It’s important I share with you that before you do anything, you should probably speak with your doctor.

Yeah, a lot of people are pretty confused that I can take this many supplements any given day. For example, this is my morning pills. If I end up dying from taking pills, this guy is gonna be the culprit. All my pills are put in these tins, and my team does this once every two weeks. So, we do 28 tins at a time. It’s easier to batch process all this, and these tins make it very easy to transport around. The number of pills we take changes on a regular basis. Sometimes 111, sometimes it’s 104. It depends upon what data we receive.

So, we have a protocol put in place. We do a whole bunch of measurements, we look at the data, and we determine whether it’s appropriate to continue or just completely eliminate some pills. I take, I take every day. Sometimes I take them twice a day, sometimes I take once every two weeks. For example, rapamycin. So, each pill has a different frequency and a different protocol.

So, every morning upon waking, I take these 60-plus pills. You can find on my website a list of all of these. I’m going to walk you through a few of them. This is ashwagandha. It helps with anti-anxiety, improved cortisol management, improve sleep, and increase testosterone. 600 milligrams once a day. It says calcium Alpha ketoglutarate. I’m sorry, what? Calcium Alpha ketoglutarate. I take it for improved fertility Index. This is EPA, it’s good for liver enzymes, the arteries we are watching and measuring for DHA production as I’m on caloric restriction, 500 milligrams of cocooflavanols. It’s for heart and brain health. This is hyaluronic acid, 300 milligrams a day for joint health. Garlic, I take for liver enzymes and cholesterol management. I also eat garlic as part of my super veggie on a daily basis. The creature is repelled by garlic. Turmeric, one gram a day. I take it for inflammation, joints, and liver.

I’ve yet to choke on pills, although I think several haters are hoping that I choke on the pills. It’ll be pretty ironic. So, I’m going to show you how I take them. About 20 ounces of water. So, typically, I’ll just do it in about three different goes. First one down, second one, I’m not even sure what happens in my mouth, you know, just like I just put it in. It’s like, all right, everyone get in line, we’re gonna go down. This is it, last one. Here we go. That was 43 of the 100 I take on a given day. Before bed, I take DHEA and my melatonin supplement. Melatonin specifically, I get a lot of questions on. So, my team has looked at the evidence behind melatonin, they think it’s relevant for me to take, so I do so. We measure things accordingly.

What I have found in my efforts of trying to become a professional Rejuvenation athlete is almost no anti-aging scientist agrees with another anti-aging scientist. They all have their different opinions. So, what I take is based upon my team’s analysis, the evidence, and the measurements we get for my body. It’s why we generate hundreds of biomarkers. We’re trying to see if what we’re doing is working or not.

Here is our supplement Supply Closet. I’d say it’s personally extremely satisfying where you see the structure and organization of what we’re doing, and then you get a test result and you see the actual effect in the body. It’s really a satisfying process. The 111 pills I take daily now are around 11 that’s per day, and the objective of blueprint is to be on the frontier of slowing my speed of aging and reversing aging damage. So, these are not required for everyone. This is just a template of if somebody wants to be on the outer edge of the frontier, this is the best we’re doing right now.

If you look at the thousands of measurements we’ve taken over two years and ran our process from evidence to protocol to data continually, all the data is telling the same story. I’m potentially the most measured person in human history. And so, that’s interesting where you say there’s a bunch of opinions about health and wellness, about what to eat, what not to eat, what supplements to take. And then you have this, where we just have this enormous amount of data and these results.

Some other criticisms people will make is they’ll say, okay, he takes a hundred pills, therefore, that means his diet is garbage. Or they’ll say that means a vegan diet is bad. Or it means that he needs meat. Or it means that blueprint is agnostic. And so, blueprint says nothing about plants or meat, it’s simply a process to say we can look at evidence, we can design a protocol, we can look at data. And so, I am a vegan by choice, not by necessity. So, if somebody can achieve this without supplements, wonderful. This is not a situation where blueprint is pro-supplements as the only way of doing things. It’s a way of doing things. Do you need to take 100 pills a day to be healthy? No. You can do so many of the basics like sleep and exercise and just having a good diet and getting the majority of benefits.

Hey everyone, I hope you enjoyed this video. I really enjoyed making it. I’m happy I didn’t choke on the pills on camera, that would have been really embarrassing. I hope it’s helpful. I hope it pushes the conversation forward in a productive way. If you want to learn more about it, watch this next video.