Protecting Your Testosterone: The Surprising Connection Between Sperm Count and Phone Usage

The video discusses the impact of keeping a phone in one’s pocket on testosterone levels and sperm count. The speaker emphasizes the importance of keeping the phone away from the body and suggests alternative ways to carry it. He shares his personal experience of improving his sperm count by not keeping his phone in his pocket and encourages viewers to do the same. The speaker also mentions the potential risks associated with hot showers and baths on sperm count. Overall, the video urges viewers to be mindful of these factors to protect their fertility.

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Key Insights:

  • Sleep, diet, avoiding alcohol, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are essential for boosting testosterone levels.
  • Improving sperm count can also increase testosterone levels.
  • Avoiding putting your phone in your pocket is one simple way to improve sperm count and testosterone levels.
  • Hot showers, hot baths, and saunas can decrease sperm count and potentially lower testosterone levels.
  • Keeping your testicles cool by sitting with a gap between your legs and avoiding excessive heat is beneficial for sperm count and testosterone levels.
  • Sperm count and testosterone levels are interconnected, and improving one can positively impact the other.
  • Tim Ferris, a renowned author, discussed the impacts of phone radiation on sperm count several years ago.
  • There is a need for further research and scientific evidence on the effects of phone radiation on fertility and testosterone levels.
  • Personal experience has shown that not keeping the phone in the pocket for three months significantly improved sperm count.


Greetings everybody. Are we live? I don’t see anyone. Testing one, two, testing one, two. Greetings, greetings, greetings! Hey, I’m from Switzerland and I play Fortnite. What’s your Fortnite username, bro? Let’s play.

Man, everyone, I’ve only got like 10 minutes this morning. I’m just going to do a very quick live stream, and then I’ve got a boxing personal session. A trainer is going to come here, so I won’t have too long. But I just wanted to spit some game for you, give you a little bit of value. So, here’s a tip that you can implement literally today to increase your testosterone.

First of all, a lot of the biggest testosterone boost that you can get is those kind of boring things, like sleep and diet, and not drinking alcohol, and not living like idiots. We’ve probably watched that, right? Just type one in the chat if you’ve already watched a couple of testosterone videos and know the basics. Sleep is good for testosterone. Just type one in the chat if you know that already. I’m assuming most of us have already watched a couple of testosterone videos, right? So, I don’t want to waste your time like every other YouTuber will, saying the exact same things as always.

I want to give you a new mindset which I found super interesting. Anything that decreases your sperm count will also decrease your testosterone. Anything that increases your sperm count will often also increase your testosterone. So, we focused on testosterone completely, but there are things that we can do to our sperm, to our fertility. If we improve that, our testosterone should increase as well.

So, I want to ask right now, write in the chat, what are some ways that we could improve our sperm counts? Spit some ideas in the chat and let’s see who’s got a good one.

We’ve got „nofap,“ „semen shake,“ „cold shower,“ „changing your diet,“ „no porn,“ „cold showers,“ „diet,“ „eat more meats,“ „not using plastics,“ „no phone in your pocket.“ That’s exactly what I was just going to say. The single easiest way to improve your sperm count is to not put your phone in your pocket. If you’re ever going to put your phone in your pocket, you must ensure that it’s on airplane mode. You know how you can have airplane mode on, but you can also have Wi-Fi on and everything. You’ve got to make sure that’s off, so it’s airplane mode, no Wi-Fi, no cell service, no Bluetooth. Then you can put it in your pocket. I still don’t put it in my pocket. I said this in a video I just recorded, but I’ll give you this promise. If you ever see me out in real life, guarantee my phone will not be in my pocket. Guarantee it. If you ever see me, if someone’s ever taken a picture of me randomly, guarantee I’ll be holding my phone in my hand, just like this. Like this is how I walk around. My phone’s just in my hand like this, or obviously, it’s on the table or something. Fine. You will never see my phone in my pocket. I don’t care if it’s on airplane mode. It’s just not worth the risk.

Everyone’s asking, where do you keep it? I literally just hold my phone like this wherever I am. I literally just hold it like this. If, for example, like I’m on my motorbike and I’m driving somewhere, then obviously, I’ll put it into the motorbike little pocket thing there. If I’m in a restaurant, I’ll just put it there on the table or put it on the seat next to me or something. If I’m in the gym, I’ll put it on the bench or whatever it is, or I’ll put it on the floor next to the weight thing that I’m using. But I’ll never just put it in my pocket. Easy. That’s like one of the fastest ways. You know why? Because when you put your phone in your pocket with the 5G, the radiation, all of the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, that’s actually very, very bad for your sperm counts.

I can’t share screen right now, but maybe I’ll show you like the report. Do you know, a few months ago, in March or April, I did a sperm test, and you know what they told me? I basically was told that I was infertile. Imagine a doctor looking you in the face and telling you, „We can discuss the options.“ And imagine hearing that the options are what’s called a sperm donor, where they use another man’s sperm to impregnate your woman. Imagine being told that. And you know when I saw this report of my sperm count, and it was very low, I honestly think for a lot of you guys, it will be the exact same thing because you kept your phone in your pocket, you’ve been drinking tap water, and all this stuff. I looked at this report, and I thought, „Fuck you. I don’t believe it. This isn’t how it’s going to stay. I know for a fact there’s a lot of things I can do.“ And so, I started doing some research, some deep into the rabbit hole research, and it turns out that there’s a man who spoke about keeping your phone in your pocket or taking your phone out of your pocket 10 years ago, and no one really took him seriously. And his name’s Tim Ferriss, and he’s a world-famous author now, and he’s a very big podcaster. Just type one in the chat if you know Tim Ferriss. He’s the one who wrote The 4-Hour Work Week. Tribe of Mentors. In his book, The 4-Hour Body, he talks about improving his sperm counts. Type one in the chat if you know about Tim Ferriss, The 4-Hour Work Week.

So, I got this bad news, everyone’s upset and everything, and I just couldn’t help but think, you know what, this is not how it stops. I know, for a fact, I can improve this. So, you know what I did? For a couple of months, I didn’t keep my phone in my pocket. I sat down, like how a man is sat down. Don’t move, don’t move at all. Just look down. Don’t actually change your posture. Just look down. Just be honest. How much gap is there between your legs right now? Are you sat like a bitch? Don’t move at all. Don’t cheat or anything. Are you sat like a bitch? Are your legs closed together, and you’re squishing your balls and creating extra heat there, voluntarily killing your own sperm and testosterone? Are you manspreading like a man should? You know, does anyone remember this? Just type one in the chat. Anyone remember, like, a few years ago, there was this big anti-manspreading shit on Twitter or whatever it was, where loads of girls were taking pictures of guys, and if a guy had his legs out a little bit, it was like this whole thing of like, „Oh my God, you know, manspreading is a bad thing.“ Bro, fuck you. That’s how a man is supposed to sit down. We have balls that are literally outside of our body because they’re supposed to be kept cold. If your thighs are pressed up against your balls, you’re heating them up too much. This isn’t to say, „Oh, we should be misogynists or anything.“ But you should sit down like a man should. A man and a woman should sit differently because men literally have fucking testicles in the middle of our legs. So, we should have more of a gap in our legs. You should sit like a man, like your… I don’t know. This is what I don’t even fucking know. A 45-degree angle or so. Can I… I’m not going to show my balls, actually. But just… We should have a bit of a gap between our legs so that our balls can stay cool.

Think about this. What is the most vulnerable part of our body? It’s our balls, right? It would fucking hurt to get hit in the balls. You remember this, right? You remember being in high school and your friends slap-slapping you there or doing the credit card thing. It’s a very vulnerable part of our body, isn’t it? Why is it outside? Does anyone know? Think about this. If you’ve never thought of this before, why are our balls external from our body? Why not just put them inside our body to keep them safe if they’re so important and also so sensitive and vulnerable? Why are they not just inside our body? Because they need to be kept cool. That’s how important nature and our biology has thought of it. Temperature is so important for our balls that it’s willing to risk it being external and like this dangling little ball sack. When we were fighting fucking wolves and bees and lions and saber-tooth tigers, that was so fucking vulnerable. But the temperature of our balls is so important that it’s outside of our body. And these days, we don’t honor the fact that it needs to stay cool. So, we sit like little girls. We sit with our legs crossed. We sit tightly packed next to people in little peasant public transport or in universities with your legs packed in and everything. We’re scared of showing, having our legs wide in an SA. A lot of us here consistently go to SA. You probably never even thought for a moment that it’s actually very beneficial. Just type one in the chat if you go to saunas. Just type two if you pretty much never go to saunas. Okay, type one in the chat if you take hot showers or if you take hot baths. Just one in the chat if when you get into the shower, you use the hot water. And type two if you never get any kind of hot water. You never sauna, you never take a hot bath. Type two. I don’t believe you, fucking pussy. Who’s typing two right now, by the way? I assume most of the people are getting some kind of heat onto their nuts. I’ll be honest, I take some warm showers as well. So, I’d be typing one right now for us typing one. You’re voluntarily decreasing your sperm count. You know, the Spartans used to believe that when boys bathed in warm water, it made them weak. And so, they specifically sent them out to the lakes so that they bathed there in the cold. And they were absolutely right. Has anyone heard of, has anyone seen the statistic when you take a hot bath, you reduce your sperm count by 50%? Anyone seen that before? Just type yes or no. A hot bath decreases your sperm count by about 50%. How fucking crazy is that? Everyone’s into the sauna these days. Everyone’s going to saunas. SA is very similar. If you just search hot bath sperm count, yeah. Yeah, literally. You can just search right now, hot bath sperm count on Google. By Harvard, by the University of Harvard, they’re even saying as well. Many young guys don’t know this shit, right? You’ve never been told this shit before. Just a hot bath is going to reduce sperm count, which we have to assume would also reduce testosterone. If you reduce your sperm counts, hot showers would probably be kind of similar. But obviously, it’s not going to be as bad as fully submerging your balls underneath the water. But hot shower still is a little bit problematic. Warm showers, probably okay. Like lukewarm room temperature, probably like that’s fine. I would assume. But like a hot shower, because bro, fuck, I love hot showers. It feels awesome. You know, to the point that it’s like burning your skin. I don’t know about anyone else, but I fucking love them, bro. But it’s like, can’t risk it, man. Sauna is the exact same thing.

So, you know, for all the guys who SA, let me just give you one quick tip. It’s kind of like the etiquette in a sauna to sit on a towel. So, what I do is I get my towel and I put it in like the cold bath. You know, often, in sauna places, they have ice baths and whatever. Or they’ll have some kind of tap or shower or something. And I find the coldest source of water, and I’ll dip my towel into it so that it’s been wet, and I’ll sit on the cold, wet towel instead. So, it’s scrunched up below my balls, so it’s at least some element of cool. So, my balls aren’t getting so warm. The two tips I’ll leave you with. I’ve got to go shoot off. Just for today, and even just in general, no phone in your pocket. Just be aware of the temperature that’s going on your balls. You can be in a hot country and everything. It’s fine. Just take the extra step to keep your balls cool.

For example, often I’m in Bali right now. We have the motorbikes. If we leave the bikes out in a restaurant and it’s been sunny, the seat gets super, super, super warm. So, sometimes what I’ll do is I’ll just take off my shirt, put it on the seat, and sit on that instead. It’s just like a little bit, you know? It’s just you’re just keeping it in mind that you’re honoring the temperature that your balls are supposed to have. Get this shit away from your nut sack, bro. Get this shit away. I’ll make you this promise right now, and I want you to make me the same promise. If we ever stumble upon each other, you know, if you see me in a restaurant and you want to come say hello or something, guarantee my phone will not be in my pocket. And I want the same thing for you. I want you to not have your phone in your pocket. The next, you know what? That’s a fucking new rule. The next time a fan of mine comes over to me and says, „Oh, you know, Ham, you saved my life. Can I get a picture?“ And he takes his phone out of his pocket for the picture, I’m just going to tell him, „No, no, you can’t have one, low-life soy boy. If you want a picture, you want to chill, you want to do anything, I won’t have my phone in my pocket, you better not have yours.“

You never know when we’re going to stumble upon each other. And, bro, I’m gonna call you the biggest Jeffrey ever if I see you, like, „Oh, Hamza, oh yeah, here you go. Oh, one second, bro. I just need some water.“ You take a sip of your fucking plastic water bottle. „Oh yeah, I’m really hungry, Ham. Do you want some of my soy protein powder? Bro, do you want some of my soy food?“ Bro, I’ll make the promise to you. You make the promise to me, right? Deal? Type „deal“ in the chat. Deal. If we ever stumble upon each other in real life, I won’t have my phone in my pocket. You won’t either. And we’ll look at each other with some respect.

I literally just hold my phone like this. Like, it’s going to be kind of odd, but, like, this is how I walk. I literally just, like, just, like, hold my phone like this, and then I’m just walking around doing whatever. And then when I go to a restaurant, I’ll put it on, just put it on the table there. When I’m in the gym, I’ll put it on the bench. Just don’t put it in your balls. If you absolutely have to, there’ve literally been, like, one or two times over the last six months that I’ve had to put my phone in my pocket because I had, like, you know, shit to carry. Just 100% make sure it’s on airplane mode. But I still think that might be, like, not ideal. I don’t know why, I just… I still have a feeling that even your phone on airplane mode is still not enough. Maybe if you’ve, like, literally got it switched off, you know, where you hold the power button, you turn it off, maybe that’s probably fine. But then, obviously, when you want to use your phone, you’ve got to, like, turn it back on. It’s a bit long. Just… Just hold it like this, easy. Just… Just hold it like this, put it down on the bench, put it down on the table, put it into your bag. Some guys are saying, like, jacket pocket. That could probably be better. Because there’s a few more, like, you know, like an inch of fabric away from your chest. Now, so that could work. Someone said back pocket. I wouldn’t do it. You want to put it close to your butt? You want to put the radiation next to your butt? Does that sound like a good idea? Hoodie pockets… A good one, again. It’s, like, there’s a solid, like, inch away from your stomach. Backpack… Fingers… Tim Ferriss, the guy who actually spoke about this 10 years ago. Bro, think about that. 10 years ago, somebody knew this, and we were never told. 10 years ago, I seemed like this crazy guy who’s talking about this. 10 fucking years ago, this was being spoken about, that this was lowering sperm cells, that this was lowering testosterone, and we’re only just now doing it. I don’t know about you, but I’m pissed. You should be a little bit pissed off, thinking we’ve just kept frying, and just think. This is the last thing I’ll say. Just think about now that you’ve heard this. Think about how weird it seems to put this next to your balls as well. Just think about, like, clearly, there’s some kind of radiation emitting waves. However, the fuck 3G or 5G works, right? Imagine just putting this radiation-type of device on top of your balls and considering it normal. Now that you’ve heard it, it kind of sounds stupid as fuck, right? Just type one in the chat. Now that we’re actually questioning it, it sounds stupid as fuck to put this next to your fucking balls now, doesn’t it? Type one in the chat. Right before, like, maybe 20 minutes before this, you probably never even thought about it at all. Now it sounds so fucking stupid to think. Clearly, because of Wi-Fi, whatever it is, some kind of radiation signal, whatever. Why would we keep this next to us? Maybe not just yet, but mark my words, you’ll hear more about this soon, and they’ll be, like, full-on peer-reviewed studies to show that the guys who have kept their phones in their pockets for 10 years have got small little, little tiny little cute balls. Have you got cute balls, bro? You want tiny little, small atrophied testicles? You want, like, fucking low-T, low sperm? Guarantee there’ll be some peer-reviewed scientist fucker coming up. Right now, I seem like a crazy guy just bro, just wait. Guarantee next few years, this is going to be spoken about a lot more, and then me being the crazy guy who’s holding his phone, always holding his phone in his hand, not going to seem so crazy. You’ve got basically nothing to lose, other than just, like, the discomfort of just holding your phone. And maybe, let’s say, if there’s even a 1% chance that I’m right and this saves you from becoming infertile and not being able to have children, is it worth the extra effort? I think it is. And if you are curious, I changed that. I stopped putting my phone in my pocket. Three months later, I got a sperm test, and my levels went above the normal range. My levels tripled. My sperm count tripled. My morphology increased significantly. I was on the phone with the doctor, and she was like, „Wow, I can’t believe that was your previous score. This is a big one. That was such a big jump and everything.“ Three months. I’ll go download the pictures. I’ll upload them onto my main channel’s community post. You can literally see the exact documents that they’ve sent me. I tripled my sperm count in three months just by not putting this. Imagine being told that you are infertile as a young man and fixing that problem. Now you know why I’m speaking with so much emotion, don’t you?

I’ve got to go, boys. I’m going to be late for boxing. Hope that helps you. There’s a link in the… I don’t know if you can see it, but in the description, there’s a link that I’ve got right now. I’ve just got like a private dating guide that if you want to go watch, you can go sign up for that right now. I don’t know whether… Can I get the… Oh yeah, yeah, here. I can get this. So this is a dating guide that’s not on YouTube. You just give me your email, and in exchange for your email, you can watch this free dating video which no one else can see. So maybe you’ll find value in that. There you go. Go click on that link if you want right now. Take care, guys. No phone in your pocket. Do the work, especially when you don’t feel like it. Let’s do it.