The Importance of Building a Strong Immune System: Defend Yourself Against Pathogens

In this video, Dr. Ekberg discusses the importance of maintaining good health to defend against pathogens like the coronavirus. He explains that the immune system is not just limited to white blood cells, but encompasses the entire body, including physical barriers, cell membranes, mucus membranes, chemical defenses, and detoxification organs. Dr. Ekberg emphasizes the need to optimize the body’s nutritional status, cellular capacity, and emotional well-being to improve immune function. He criticizes the current medical model for focusing on symptom treatment rather than promoting overall health. Ultimately, he encourages viewers to prioritize their health to enhance their chances of combating pathogens effectively.

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Key Insights:

  • Having a strong immune system is the best way to defend against pathogens like the coronavirus.
  • The immune system consists of both a cell-based immune system and specific immunity.
  • Nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, and calcium are essential for the proper functioning of the immune system.
  • The body has various defense mechanisms, including physical barriers (skin, lung lining, etc.), cell membranes, mucus membranes, chemical defenses, and detoxification organs.
  • The current focus on treating symptoms and developing vaccines overlooks the importance of getting healthy.
  • The sick care system focuses on treating symptoms rather than promoting overall health.
  • Risk factors for coronavirus complications, such as obesity, diabetes, and underlying conditions, are often associated with insulin resistance.
  • Health is a continuum, and optimal health requires addressing chemical, structural, and emotional aspects of the body.
  • Nutrition, movement, good posture, and positive emotions contribute to overall health.
  • It’s important to prioritize building a strong and healthy body to defend against pathogens like the coronavirus.


Today I want to talk about the number one absolute best way to defend yourself against the coronavirus or any other pathogen that might come around, for that matter. How do you get your body to the optimal state where it can defend itself against whatever comes around?

We have learned that most of the victims of the coronavirus are elderly, and it’s always tragic when a young person dies. But the question is, are these young people truly healthy? Is a person who recently had cancer truly healthy? These are some of the questions we’re going to explore.

The difference between two people who get infected with the same pathogen, where one survives and the other dies, is that one person’s body had the ability to defend itself, and the other one didn’t. That’s called an immune system. With the current coronavirus, many as 20-30% of certain populations have already developed immunity without even knowing it.

When we talk about the immune system, it’s not just the cell-based immune system with white blood cells. It also includes the body’s defenses as a whole. This includes physical barriers like the skin, intestinal lining, and lung lining. It includes cell membranes, mucus membranes, chemical defenses, detoxification, and organs like the liver, kidney, and spleen. All these factors together make up the immune system.

While the cell-based immune system is important, it is only part of the total defense. Nutrients such as vitamins A, C, D, zinc, and calcium support the activity of white blood cells. However, it’s important to note that taking excessive amounts of these nutrients does not mean you will have a proportionally higher number of white blood cells.

There is also specific immunity, where our bodies develop antibodies after being exposed to a specific pathogen. This immunity can last for months, years, or even a lifetime. We aren’t sure yet how long immunity to the coronavirus will last.

In addition to the immune system, our overall health plays a significant role in our ability to defend against pathogens. Our body’s physical barriers, cell membranes, mucus membranes, chemical defenses, and detoxification processes all contribute to our overall defense.

While social distancing and quarantine have been important in delaying the spread of the coronavirus, we may not be able to avoid it altogether. We may have a coronavirus in the fall, and if there is no vaccine, opening up again may risk a second wave. Therefore, it is essential to focus on improving our health to increase our chances of a positive outcome.

Surprisingly, there has been little talk about health throughout this crisis. The medical model focuses on treating symptoms rather than achieving long-term health. Our modern world lacks a true healthcare system and instead has a sick care system that treats sickness rather than promoting health.

Many risk factors associated with COVID-19, such as obesity and diabetes, are related to insulin resistance. Insulin resistance also contributes to many other chronic diseases, including heart disease, hypertension, and stroke. Improving these health conditions can enhance our ability to defend against pathogens.

Health is a continuum, and no one is perfectly healthy. We can improve our health by focusing on nutrition, reducing sugar and toxins, optimizing movement and posture, and nurturing positive emotions.

To defend ourselves against the coronavirus or any pathogen, the best approach is to make our bodies stronger by actively rebuilding our health. This includes giving our bodies the necessary nutrients, avoiding factors that hinder health, and prioritizing a healthy lifestyle. In the long run, strong health is always the best defense.

So, let’s use this current epidemic as a reason to take control of our health and start making positive changes.