Unlocking the Power of Laziness: Improving Neuro Fitness with the Laziness Principle

In this video, Dave Asprey, the founder of Bulletproof Coffee and a biohacking expert, discusses the concept of „smarter not harder“ in his new book called „Smarter Not Harder.“ He emphasizes the importance of understanding our body’s „meat operating system“ and how it influences our behavior. Asprey explains that our body evolved to save energy, and by leveraging our laziness, we can achieve better results in less time. He also explores the significance of self-awareness, neurofeedback, optimizing sleep, and using temperature (heat and cold) for recovery. The ultimate goal is to work smarter, not harder, and enhance performance and overall well-being.

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Key Insights:

  • The laziness principle is a new addition to the way we think about neuroscience and it recognizes that our bodies are programmed to conserve energy.
  • Laziness is not a bad thing; it has fueled human progress throughout history, leading us to find more efficient ways to accomplish tasks.
  • The key to using laziness to improve neuro fitness is to focus on saving energy rather than working hard.
  • By tricking your body into thinking it has already done the work, you can motivate yourself to exercise or engage in brain training exercises without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Neurofeedback, such as the 40 Years of Zen program, can help improve brain function and increase self-awareness.
  • Optimizing sleep is crucial for peak brain performance and wellness. Strategies include wearing true dark glasses, creating a dark sleep environment, and not eating after sunset.
  • Temperature regulation, through hot and cold exposure, can also enhance brain function and recovery.
  • Self-awareness is essential for understanding the influence of your body’s operating system on your thoughts, behaviors, and perceptions of reality.
  • Reading „Smarter Not Harder“ by Dave Asprey provides valuable insights and strategies for working smarter and reclaiming energy and time.


Dave Asprey, the father of biohacking and founder of Bulletproof Coffee, joins Jim Quick on the Quick Brain Podcast. They discuss the concept of the laziness principle and how it can be used to improve neuro fitness. Dave explains that our body’s operating system is inherently lazy and tries to conserve energy. He reveals that there is a 1/3rd of a second lag between when something happens in the external world and when our brain processes it. During this time, our body’s operating system makes choices based on the need to conserve energy and often makes lazy choices. Dave suggests that instead of feeling guilty about these lazy impulses, we should embrace them as a natural and healthy response. He explains that laziness has fueled human progress throughout history and that it is noble to focus on doing work that matters instead of wasting effort. Dave also talks about the importance of self-awareness and recognizing the signals our body gives us. He recommends using techniques like neurofeedback and wearing true dark glasses to improve self-awareness and enhance brain function. Dave emphasizes the need for proper recovery and resilience-building, as well as optimizing sleep, lighting, and temperature for better cognitive performance. He also touches on the power of knowing oneself and the spiritual aspect of self-awareness. The interview ends with Dave sharing the main purpose of writing his book „Smarter, Not Harder“ as a guide to help readers achieve their desired body and mind by working smart rather than working hard. He emphasizes that the book contains valuable knowledge and practices that he wished he had access to earlier in his life. Dave encourages listeners to support their local bookstores if possible or purchase the book online. He assures that the book will provide readers with the most effective ways to save time and energy.