Unlocking the Secrets to Successful Weight Loss: Understanding Hormones, Nutrition, and Exercise

The video discusses the misconceptions surrounding weight loss and belly fat and provides tips on how to achieve long-lasting results. It emphasizes the importance of understanding the role of hormones in weight loss and suggests ways to reduce insulin levels, such as eating fewer meals, cutting out sugar, and reducing carbohydrate intake. The video also highlights the significance of eating foods that burn slowly and stimulate less insulin to control hunger. It discusses the role of the thyroid and oxygen in the metabolic process and suggests incorporating MCTs, apple cider vinegar, and nutrients like B vitamins, potassium, and chromium. Additionally, it mentions the benefits of high-intensity interval training, fasting, walking, and meditation in promoting fat burning.

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Key Insights:

  • Weight loss and burning belly fat require an understanding of hormones and behavior.
  • Reducing insulin is crucial for fat burning and controlling hunger.
  • Eating fewer meals, avoiding sugar, and reducing overall carbohydrate intake can lower insulin levels.
  • Eating foods that burn slower, such as protein and fat, can reduce hunger and keep you full longer.
  • Having a well-balanced metabolic machinery, including a healthy thyroid and oxygen supply, is essential for efficient fat burning.
  • Using strategies like MCT oil, apple cider vinegar, and ensuring proper nutrient levels can support fat burning.
  • Increasing growth hormone through high-intensity interval training and fasting can boost fat burning.
  • Adequate sleep, walking, and meditation play important roles in maintaining a healthy metabolic balance and reducing stress.


Hello Health Champions. It’s really difficult to lose weight and belly fat if you go about it the wrong way and most people go about it the wrong way because they’ve been fed misinformation for years and even decades and that’s why they have trouble creating long lasting results.

Now if we’re going to lose weight and burn belly fat, I think we can all agree that at some level we have to take in fewer calories than we burn but just to say that you have to eat less and exercise more doesn’t solve the problem. The question is still how do we do that because if that’s all we had to do then everyone would have fixed the problem by now. They would have figured out how to get it done and if you’re watching this video then you’re probably not all the way there yet.

We have to understand that our behavior is determined by hormones so you have to find a way to eat to reduce the hormones that make you hungry and then you have to find a way to increase the hormones that burn the fat and then once you’ve done those two things and your body goes about to burn some fat now you have to make sure that you have a machinery you have to have a metabolic machinery with all the components in place that you can actually convert some of this fat into energy.

And the absolute first thing you have to do is to reduce insulin. A lot of people have heard the word insulin and they know that it’s related to diabetes and they know that it’s related to blood sugar but what most people don’t fully understand not all the way they don’t get that insulin does so many other things. So insulin stops fat burning right you have the fat on your body if your insulin is high you can’t burn the fat it puts a stop on it and therefore if you can’t burn the fat you have on your body you put it there in the first place to have an energy resource available but with insulin is high you can’t get to it so it’s no good to you and now instead you get hungry so insulin makes you hungry.

Now there’s three powerful ways to lower insulin the first and most powerful is to eat fewer meals. Why? Because every time you eat you trigger some insulin and if you eat six times a day or ten times a day now you trigger insulin six or ten times a day so the fewer meals you eat the better and if you eat only once or twice a day now that’s very powerful because you’re only triggering insulin once or twice a day whereas you can go 16, 18, 20 hours or more without triggering insulin that really allows the insulin to drop and you get access to that body fat. The second thing you can do is to stop sugar and this is like a given you just have to do that sugar hurts you in so many ways.

Sugar stimulates insulin because it raises blood sugar. Sugar is also empty calories so it makes you eat more. Sugar is also a drug very addictive drug so it makes you eat more, but when it comes to insulin the worst thing about sugar is that sugar is half glucose half fructose and the fructose is as bad almost for the liver as alcohol so it creates fatty liver which is very, very strongly linked to insulin resistance. If you eat fructose you get a fatty liver then that fatty liver will make you insulin resistant and now you’ve just destroyed the rest of your metabolic machinery.

And the third thing you want to do is to reduce the amount of carbohydrates overall because carbohydrates raise blood sugar much much more than protein or fat and therefore it triggers more insulin. Next you want to learn how to eat to reduce hunger and of course this is tied to insulin, but we want to understand it in another way also.

If you eat foods that burn slower it’s like putting a log on a fire versus putting gasoline on a fire that if you put the log there it’s going to burn slowly it’s going to produce energy for hours and hours and hours maybe days in some cases. So if you eat things like protein and fat that burns much slower than carbohydrates and processed foods and if it burns slower it’s going to take much much longer until you get hungry and you have to eat again. And you also want to understand to eat foods that are neutral to insulin things that stimulate less insulin.

So if we look at a graph and we look at glucose that has a hundred percent insulin response and we look at other foods relative to that, then protein is going to have about 15 to 30 percent as much of an insulin response and it’s going to happen much much slower so this feeds right into what we talked about that they burn slower they trigger less insulin so you stay full longer. That’s the key if you want to control hunger and if you eat something with fat or pure fat, fat is the thing that you want to add to your meat and your vegetables because fat is virtually neutral virtually zero insulin response. Compared to glucose it only has about three to four percent so even while you’re fasting if you want to extend your fast you can do something like a bulletproof coffee or have some pure fat and you will trigger so little insulin that it’s not even noticeable but it allows you to go longer without eating again.

So most people today even some of the comments I get on my videos will still claim that fat makes you fat but let’s compare and understand how eating high fat versus eating low fat how that works so if you eat high fat obviously you have some fat in your body and people think that oh if I eat low fat then I don’t have any fat in my body but they’re wrong because we can’t store carbohydrate. If you eat low fat that means you’re going to eat something you need more of the other categories primarily carbohydrates and if you do that you can’t store it so low fat gets converted into fat so you can eat the fat or you can make the fat you end up in the same place.

But then what’s the difference why does it matter because one is neutral to insulin and one produces very high insulin and we said what insulin does that if you eat the fat your insulin stays low. That allows you to actually burn the fat whereas if you eat carbohydrate then your insulin is going to be high and now you can’t burn the fat because all of that insulin has a tendency to store it and prevent you from burning it. So the difference between eating high fat and low fat is that yes you end up with the same fat but one case reduces hunger and the other case increases hunger.

And like we said ultimately it is about calories but you’re going to take in more calories if you’re hungry than if you’re not hungry and this is the magic that people discover when they actually give this a try. When they go for a low carb high fat diet and of course I recommend whole foods then they find out they’re not hungry anymore that is how you solve the problem.

So now that we understand how to lower insulin and control hunger and actually get access to some of that stored fat now we can start burning it. Now we need to take a look at the metabolic machinery in your body and the thyroid is the key to that metabolic machinery because it is the primary metabolic regulator. Everything that happens in your body in terms of metabolism takes place in the cells and metabolism is to take something and turn it into something else, an end product using a raw material to create an end product and using energy in the process.

So if the thyroid is low if the thyroid hormone is low then all the cells in the body are going to do less of that conversion of that metabolism. And this is why we have to rule out hypothyroid we have to know if we are severely hypothyroid then basically nothing else is going to work. So you can take a look at my thyroid videos and understand more about that you can take some blood work and know if that’s the case.

The next most important thing is oxygen because if we’re going to burn fat we need to have oxygen present that’s why we need to rule out anemia because anemia means you don’t have enough of these red blood cells to carry oxygen to the furnace.

So the metabolic machinery is just like a furnace and how do you make a fire burn hotter? You blow air on it you increase the oxygen supply so I’m not saying that you’re going to try to get a fever or increase anything what I’m saying is if you don’t have enough then you can’t carry the oxygen and you can’t supply the oxygen that your body needs to burn fat so then the fire is smoldering basically because you don’t have enough so make sure your red blood cell situation is good so you have enough oxygen carrying capacity so you can produce the proper energy in your cells so that they can burn that fat that the rest of the body now is signaling it to do.

And now let’s talk about a few tricks along the way that can make it easier and more efficient and one of those is MCT’s also known as medium chain triglycerides so oftentimes when you try to change from a carbohydrate metabolism to a fat burning metabolism your body is going to protest a little bit. It’s going to take a while for it to get the hang of it and this is where MCT’s come in it’s a nice little trick to give you quick energy because medium chain triglycerides are much shorter than your average fat molecule. The average fat is like 16 molecules long, but medium chains are only 8 or 10 and that means they bypass the very slow absorption of fat in the body and slow absorption can be a good thing because it creates long-lasting energy but here’s the beauty that the MCT’s are almost as fast as carbohydrates so they give you quick energy but they are not carbohydrates so there is no insulin trigger involved.

And a lot of people think that well you could do coconut oil or MCT and you sort of could but not really because the MCT’s are made from coconut but coconut also contains 50% of a longer fatty acid with 12 carbons and this does not bypass this is going to take a couple of hours to be absorbed so if you’re looking for the quick energy then you want the shorter chains from MCT’s if you’re just looking for a good healthy fat then coconut oil is just fine.

Another nice little trick that’s almost a no-brainer is apple cider vinegar because it’s been shown to increase insulin sensitivity. It’s been shown to increase satiety and reduce belly fat it also has shown to reduce metabolic syndrome, syndrome x, and all of the things that are involved with metabolic syndrome such as blood sugar levels, cholesterol balance and heart disease. So this alone has been shown to improve all of these different things but of course that doesn’t mean that this is all you do. It works better in conjunction with everything else so it’s just one little piece that you add to all the other things we talk about.

Number seven is nutrients we have to have all the pieces to make that metabolic machinery work and one piece is b vitamins they’re involved with every step of energy production in the body. But, here’s the fallacy the people fall into that they think that if enough is good then more is better so if 100% is enough then they think well 10 000 percent must be really really good that much turbo charge and supercharge this. No, that’s not how it works you want to think about it this way that if you have a screw that you’re going to put a screw into a wall and you have a screwdriver then you can get the job done but having a thousand screwdrivers is not going to speed up the process you’re just going to trip and fall and stumble over all of that extra garbage that’s in the way.

And the same thing holds true with b vitamins and where any other nutrients that whole food has a way to be balanced it contains everything that you need so we don’t want to take mega doses of synthetic vitamins believing that we can boost something, all right? We want to bring things up to a sufficiency level anything more than that is just going to unbalance something else. Another nutrient is potassium minerals that are shown to improve insulin sensitivity and another mineral is chromium that is also involved with the conversion of fuel into energy.

And most people don’t truly understand the importance of whole food because if you for example go on a keto diet you will get results no matter what quality food you eat if you just cut out the carbohydrates and increase your fats you will get short term results. But long term you will not get healthy because whole food has everything in it has all the components for your metabolic machinery and if you eat whole food then you keep a steady supply whereas if you eat processed foods and depleted foods you get short-term results but then over time you don’t have all the pieces so your metabolic machinery is going to fall apart and you’re going to get some other imbalance and some other problem.

So that’s how to control hunger, have access to the fat, have a machinery to burn the fat. Now let’s talk about how to burn more of it and if you want to make more fat burning if you want to help your fat burning you want to increase growth hormone it’s one of the primary fat burning hormones in your body and there’s a few different ways you can do that but high intensity interval training meaning you do something at a maximum level for a short burst like this guy right here now you’re going to massively increase your growth hormone production.

Another really cool way is fasting fasting works on so many different levels it reduces insulin because you’re not eating you’re burning fat because you’re not eating but it also increases dramatically your levels of growth hormone for even more fat burning. And one piece that a lot of people miss is going to be sleep because we have our normal circadian rhythms. Our normal sleep cycles and during the phase of sleep there are different bursts of hormone release so we have a growth hormone burst a couple of different times during sleep, but if you have very disrupted sleep cycles or if you don’t get enough sleep then chances are that you’re not going to get those optimum bursts of growth hormone during your sleep.

Number nine is walking and if you have a nice place to walk like this then obviously it’s very relaxing at the same time that’s a bonus but yes it is okay to use up some extra calories but it shouldn’t be the primary way that you go about it because if you don’t address all the things that we talked about as far as the hormones and the hunger then this is probably going to come back to bite you if you only try to do it through expending more calories because you have to do the exercise while maintaining a proper hormone balance we talked about how to eat to help your body balance out these things now you can’t exercise in a way that you mess it up again so you want to exercise in a way that does not produce cortisol other than high intensity interval training which produces cortisol but for a very very short period of time that’s why that’s okay because the growth hormone more than offsets that. So walking produces no cortisol so you’re burning primarily fat and you’re maintaining balance. However if you increase the intensity too much now you’re making cortisol you’re going to increase the sugar that the cortisol primary function is to raise blood sugar the blood sugar is going to raise insulin and just like all the things we talked about now you’re going to get hungrier so after you do a more intense workout like cardio you are actually more hungry than if you just went for a walk.

Number 10 is meditation and I’m not saying that it’s the primary way that you’re going to lose weight to just sit down and do nothing but you want to understand the bigger picture because it’s a great add-on to the big picture. When you meditate you reduce stress you get better focus better mental control you reduce cortisol you reduce cravings etc.

And a lot of people are afraid of meditation I’ve heard so many strange comments that they say that it’s against my religion or someone has told them something strange but trust me there’s nothing mystical or strange about it. All you’re doing is you’re silencing your mind you’re just sitting down and you’re focusing on something else something other than your daily strife and you don’t have to sit down and look all mystical and hold your hands in a certain way that might add some benefit if you feel like it but that’s not what it’s about. It’s just about silencing your mind and creating a mental reset.

They did a study where they had people imagine being angry for five minutes not even being angry but thinking back to a time where they were angry or upset. And then they measured these people’s cortisol levels and their immune markers and they found that these people just from imagining for a few minutes they would have increased stress levels and decreased immune function for the next eight hours. Whereas if you did a meditation or even just some slow breaths and a breathing exercise then you imagine for five minutes you got into a stressful state and then five minutes of breathing and you were out of that stressful state.

All of your biomarkers were back to normal so that’s what it’s about it’s creating mental resets and the more you do it, the better you get at it to the point where you don’t even have to think about it that’s just who you are that’s your level of being-ness throughout your day and you get more stuff done and you don’t get stressed. If you enjoyed this video you’re going to love that one, and if you truly want to master health by understanding how the body really works, make sure you subscribe, hit that bell and turn on all the notifications so you never miss a life-saving video.