Yoga for Sexual Wellness: ASANs to Keep Your Reproductive System Healthy

In this video, the presenter discusses the importance of maintaining good sexual health through practicing certain yoga asanas. They demonstrate the following poses and their benefits: Parvatasana, which releases tension in the pelvic region; Badhakonasana, which stretches the groin area and energizes the pelvic organs; Setu Bandhasana, a posture to strengthen pelvic floor muscles and energize reproductive organs; Sarvangasana, a shoulder stand that stimulates thyroid and pituitary glands; and Siddhasana, a meditative pose that improves concentration and reduces stress. The presenter also provides holistic tips like including walnuts in the diet, consuming ashwagandha to reduce stress, practicing Nadi Shodhan Pranayama, and reconnecting with nature for improved sexual wellness.

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Key Insights:

  • Stress, unhealthy lifestyle, and unhealthy food habits can negatively impact sexual health.
  • Practicing yoga daily can improve sexual health and overall wellbeing.
  • Parasana (lying down on your back with legs straight and folded towards the hip region) helps release tension in the pelvic region and promotes better blood flow to sexual organs.
  • Badran (sitting or lying position with knees pressed down to touch the ground) stretches the groin area and energizes pelvic organs.
  • Setu Basan (lying on the back with folded knees, lifting the bottom part upwards) strengthens pelvic floor muscles and energizes reproductive organs.
  • Shoulder stand or Sangas (raising legs and lower body with support on hands and elbows) stimulates thyroid and pituitary glands, balances hormones, and nourishes sexual organs.
  • Siddhas (meditative pose with crossed legs and heel pressing against the perineum) improves concentration and sexual health by reducing stress and establishing a deeper connection with oneself.
  • Holistic tips for sexual wellness include nourishing oneself with a healthy diet, incorporating walnuts for omega-3 fatty acids, consuming ashwagandha in warm milk to reduce stress, and practicing relaxation techniques like Narish Shodan Pranayama.
  • Reconnecting with nature through regular walks in open spaces can improve mood and energy levels.
  • Surrendering difficulties to a higher power can lead to a more fulfilling life.


Namaskar! It’s a fact that stress, unhealthy lifestyle, and unhealthy food habits can take a toll on your health. This includes the health of your sexual organs too. Practicing yoga daily is good not just for physical fitness but also for sexual health. Today, I’m going to talk to you about certain asanas that particularly help to keep your sexual organs and reproductive system in good health.
Let’s begin with the first asana, Parshvasana. In this asana, you need to lie down on your back, keep your legs straight, and hold your ankles. Fold your legs from the knees and let your ankles go towards your hip region, making sure that your soles practically touch your hip region. Do the same with your left leg and stay in that position where your whole spine should be flat, touching the floor. This gives a beautiful pull on your thighs. Parshvasana helps release tension in your pelvic region, promoting better blood flow and vitality in your sexual organs.
The second asana could be Badhakonasana. Badhakonasana can be done in a sitting as well as a lying-down position. Try to stretch your legs straight, hold the ankles, and bring them closer to your bottom. See that both your knees are on the side and try to press them down to touch the ground. Badhakonasana stretches your groin area and energizes your pelvic organs. It will also help to release any tension that you may be storing in your hips and pelvis.
The third asana would be Setu Bandhasana. In this asana, you have to lie down on your back, fold your knees, and hold the ankles to bring them towards your hips. Your knees should be pointing at the ceiling, and the distance between both the feet should be around one foot. Place both hands on the side, palms facing downwards, and slowly try to lift your bottom part upwards as much as you can. Stay in that position for some time and then bring your back down again. This is a powerful posture to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. It would help to energize your reproductive organs and also ease your stress and fatigue.
The next asana could be Sarvangasana or shoulder stand. To do this, lie supine on your mat with feet together and hands resting beside the body. Inhale fully, exhaling draw the feet towards your hips, hold the legs against thighs gently raise your legs and then the lower part of your body above with the pull of your abdominal muscles and a good pressure kept on the hands to raise the body upwards. This should be supported by your hands balancing your body’s entire weight on your palms and elbows. Try to raise yourself as much as possible and maintain this posture for some time, it could be from 1 minute to 2 minutes. Release both hands back to the ground and slowly slide down to come back to the normal position without giving any jerk. Slowly bring your legs down. After this, you should rest for a few minutes. This inversion pose stimulates your thyroid and pituitary gland, increasing blood flow to these regions. It balances your hormones and nourishes your sexual organs. The most wonderful thing about this asana is that it gives you a sense of rejuvenation.
The final asana could be Siddhasana, a meditative pose. In Siddhasana, sit on the mat, stretch both your legs in front, and bend your right leg so that the sole of your foot is against the inner left thigh. Press your right leg heel against the perineum, then bend your left leg above that and push your left foot toe to adjust it in a way that you could sit comfortably. Try to expand this seat using your hand to feel firm. Place your left ankle across the right ankle, with your ankle bones touching and the heel above the other, so that the genital area lies between the space of two heels. Place your hands on your knee with Gyan Mudra, close your eyes, relax your body, and do this for 2 to 5 minutes. This pose is a good meditative pose that involves crossing of your legs with the heel of one leg pressing against your perineum, which is a narrow area between your anus and the genitals. This asana tremendously improves your concentration and sexual health by reducing stress and establishing a deeper connection with oneself.
As we end our practice today, remember that true sexual wellness is more than just a physical aspect. Here are some holistic tips for nourishing yourself well:
1. Include walnuts in your diet for Omega-3 fatty acids, which support reproductive health.
2. Mix a teaspoon of ashwagandha in a glass of warm milk before bedtime to reduce stress and improve your sexual health.
3. Practice Nadi Shodhan Pranayama to balance your energy channels and enhance relaxation and vitality in all systems of your body.
4. Reconnect with nature by taking a regular walk in an open space. This will improve your mood and make you feel more energetic.
Finally, if you have any difficulties in your life, surrender them to a higher power. By doing all this, you will definitely have a fulfilling life. Namaskar.