10-Day Challenge: Exercise to Lose Belly Fat Safely and Effectively

This video is a 10-day challenge for five minutes a day of exercises to lose belly fat. The video addresses the misconception that exercise alone is the primary way to burn belly fat, emphasizing that belly fat is a metabolic and hormonal condition. The video critiques misleading and dangerous exercise videos on YouTube and provides proper techniques for strengthening core muscles. It also explains the importance of exercise for brain health and how it indirectly aids in fat burning. The video concludes by encouraging viewers to participate in the 10-day challenge, incorporating both abdominal exercises and high-intensity interval training for best results.

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Key Insights:

  • Belly fat is a metabolic and hormonal condition, and exercise alone is not the primary way to burn it.
  • Many exercise videos on YouTube that claim to target belly fat are misleading, wrong, and even dangerous.
  • Muscles can only contract, not push or extend, so working the abdominal muscles requires bringing the attachment points closer together.
  • Improperly working the hip flexor muscles and neglecting the abdominal muscles can lead to low back pain.
  • Exercise, while only a small part of belly fat reduction, has other significant benefits for brain health, stress reduction, and overall well-being.
  • Movement and exercise stimulate the brain and help build new tissue, making exercise essential for brain health.
  • Burning belly fat and reducing insulin levels require more significant lifestyle changes, such as reducing sugar and carb intake.
  • High-intensity interval training (HIIT) and fasting can increase growth hormone production, which aids in fat burning.
  • A 10-day challenge of incorporating exercise into your routine, along with HIIT workouts, can be a great starting point for building a healthy exercise habit.


Hello health champions! So many people want to lose belly fat, and if that’s you, you need to watch and understand this video. This is a 10-day challenge for five minutes a day to exercise and lose belly fat. Obviously, this video is going to be more than just a five-minute exercise video. We want to understand how and why to do these exercises. After all, why would you even exercise if you don’t understand what it’s doing for you?

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First of all, listen very carefully. Even though I’m a huge proponent of exercise, it is not the primary way to burn belly fat. It can help, but it’s not the primary way. Belly fat is a metabolic and hormonal condition. If you have a belly and you want to start looking leaner, crunches alone won’t do it. So why am I making this video?

There are tremendous benefits from exercising, but there are also many misleading, wrong, and dangerous videos out there promising quick results. I found about 10 videos on YouTube with a hundred million views collectively, and they were all misleading, wrong, and dangerous. So let’s understand why they are misleading, wrong, and dangerous.

Many of these videos imply or guarantee that you can transform your belly in just a few minutes a day, which is false. They also include exercises that have nothing to do with the abdomen muscles. Moreover, the people doing these exercises are young, fit, and have never been injured. If you have belly fat and you’re not super fit, doing those exercises wrong is more likely to cause injury and back pain than provide any benefit.

In this video, you will learn to do it right, why and how to get results, and most importantly, how not to hurt yourself. We need to understand some anatomy to work these muscles effectively. The stomach muscle most people want to work out is called the rectus abdominis. It attaches to the chest bone and the lower ribs on the top portion, and to the pubic bone and pelvis on the lower portion.

Muscles can only contract, they can’t push or extend themselves. To work a muscle, you need to bring its two attachment points closer together. So to work the abdominal muscle, you need to bring the rib cage closer to the pelvis. This is important because if the abdominal muscles are weak, it can lead to low back pain caused by tight hip flexor muscles.

Hip flexors, known as the iliopsoas muscles, attach to the spine and the thigh bone. Sitting for long hours, driving, and doing sit-ups the wrong way can all tighten the hip flexors and impact the core muscles.

Now, let’s analyze some popular exercises from misleading videos on YouTube. These exercises primarily work the hip flexors rather than the abdominal muscles. They put a strain on the low back and can be dangerous for those with back pain.

To work the core properly, we need exercises that isolate and engage the abdominal muscles without straining the low back. Some effective exercises include planks, abdominal bracing, slide crunches, diagonal crunches, lateral flexion, and knee lifts.

While exercise is only about 5% of the solution for burning belly fat, it has other tremendous benefits for overall health, especially brain health. Movement and exercise stimulate the brain, improve brain function, reduce stress hormones like cortisol, and improve motivation and willpower.

The core muscles provide stability to the spine and stimulate the brain through movement. A strong core supports brain health and overall body function. This is why exercises that engage the core muscles indirectly benefit fat burning and improve brain health.

Another game-changer for burning belly fat is high-intensity interval training (HIIT). HIIT triggers the release of growth hormone, which is a fat-burning hormone. Combining fasting and HIIT can boost the production of growth hormone and accelerate fat burning.

Now, it’s time for the challenge. Choose four to six exercises that you feel comfortable with and do each for about one minute. Stick to this routine for 10 days, and every three to five days, include a HIIT workout. If you are new to exercise, start slow and gradually increase intensity. The goal is not a guaranteed flat belly in 10 days, but to develop a new exercise habit and incorporate movement into your daily routine.

Remember, the benefits of exercise go beyond just burning belly fat. It improves brain health, quality of life, and overall well-being. So take this challenge, and enjoy the journey to a healthier you.