How to Build Healthy Habits in 2024: A Guide to Success and Self-Transformation

The video discusses how to build healthy habits in 2024. The content creator emphasizes the importance of making a decision and taking charge of one’s life. They suggest starting with a morning routine that includes drinking water, practicing mindfulness, and engaging in movement. Getting sunlight in the morning is also highlighted for its benefits to mood and sleep. The video further emphasizes the significance of quality sleep and offers tips for achieving it, such as turning off lights before bed and using supplements like magnesium. Consistency in fitness routines and a nutrient-dense diet are also recommended for overall well-being. The importance of positive self-talk and gratitude is stressed, as well as the practice of taking cold showers to build resilience. The content creator offers resources for beginner Pilates programs and meal plans and encourages viewers to make 2024 a year of self-care and health.

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Key Insights:

  • Habit-building is key to success and motivation consistency.
  • Creating a morning routine sets the tone for the day and allows time for self-care.
  • Getting sunlight in the morning helps regulate sleep and improves mood.
  • Quality of sleep is as important as the quantity of sleep.
  • Building a consistent fitness routine improves physical and mental well-being.
  • A wholesome, nutrient-dense diet promotes overall health and energy levels.
  • Positive self-talk and practicing gratitude lead to happiness and fulfillment.
  • Cold showers help build consistency and self-confidence.


hello hello welcome back to a new video in today’s video we’re all going to chat about how to build healthy habits in 2024 I did a video like this about a year ago but in today’s video we’re going to go a little bit deeper in how to really really set yourself up for success and how to really build motivation consistency I’ve implemented these habits into my life it did not only change the way I showed up for myself how I show up as a wife how I show up in my work and I just really wanted to share that with you because I don’t think I’ve ever felt better and all of these healthy habits are easy to implement ends are often also free so I want you to take a little moment and think about how powerful a decision can be think about a moment in your life that you made a decision that completely drastically change your life can be small decision can be big isn’t it incredible that one decision completely change your life and put you on a different path so I almost want you to get into this video thinking about the decision that you are going to make for yourself and that you are able to make for yourself because at the end you are the one in charge of your own life and the way you show up and I want you to think about what this decision after this video is going to be and how this is going to change your life your wellbeing and the way you show up for yourself I do really think to make any changes it is so important to actually think like where you are at right now and where do you want to go how does that woman or man looks like what does she do what does her morning look like what does she wear how is she showing up what are her boundaries if you are taking a little moment and thinking about this and you can really visualize where you want to be it’s going to be so much easier to actually get there because Clarity is power guys I’m going to get started now on to my hair it’s so greasy it’s disgusting I didn’t bring any shampoo here anyway my number one thing for a healthy habit is creating a morning routine you guys know know how important a morning routine is for me I feel these are even my highest performed videos of all time but the reason why a morning routine is so important is because it really sets the tone for your day this is a moment that you can dedicate to your selfcare you know whenever we’re in school or working or we are mom like it is so busy throughout the day and the early early mornings is the only time that we can actually dedicate time to ourselves there are a couple things in the morning routine that are for me personally only a non-negotiable and here’s the thing do I hit everything every day I don’t but do I keep this routine as my base yes I do do I feel so much better when I actually follow it and I’m able to do this on a consistent basis yes because I feel one of the biggest things that people say or ask me it’s like how do you stay motivated where do you get motivation and I’m just going to be completely honest motivation is not something that just comes motivation and consistency guys is something you need to practice and you need to build it’s like looking at the certain happens and rituals that really serve you and coming back to these that is what is going to give you the motivation for me in my morning routine I keep it very simple I always drink a lot of water to stay hydrated first thing in the morning I will take 5 minutes to do some type of mindfulness whether that is a little bit of breath work or I do a little bit of meditation or I do 5 minute Journal it doesn’t matter I will take a couple of minutes to do this because it just changes my whole mindset of the day I will have my caffeine a little later at least 60 minutes I will wait it will honestly help so much more with my energy levels throughout the day I will find some type of movement whether this is a stretch walking outside or an actual workout I will always try to get some movement in the morning and I know there is going to be people who are going to be commenting and saying saying oh it’s easy for you you have time I do absolutely not agree with that because even if I need to show up at 8:00 a.m. at the office or I need to go somewhere I will wake up earlier I will wake up at 6:00 a.m. or sometimes a little bit later to be able to actually do this so it’s just about making it a priority and I truly believe a good morning routine will help you set up in such a better way then number two is get your sunlight in the morning get 10 minutes of sunlight it is so important I don’t know if you guys follow um Andrew hman he is a neuroscientist and a professor on Stanford University he does so much research and can’t stop talking about this and I’ve honestly notice such a big difference when you get that sunlight first thing in the morning it helps regulate your sleep cycle which we’ll tap in a little bit after it is how important sleep is also the lights will immedately give you a boost of Serotonin which will really helps in your mood it will also help regulate your melatonin which is another sleep hormone I sometimes even like open up the door and I will just be like with my like Macho or coffee just sitting outside or walking however you want to do it but get a little bit of sunlight in the morning is so so important actually on your face even if you live somewhere where it’s very dark and gray I would still recommend getting outside and getting some type of light so so important in the summer this this is a habit we can literally all do so try to implement it right now already our third thing is get enough sleep I feel we always talk about hours of sleep which is like minimum of eight but I think we don’t talk a lot about the quality of your sleep that sometimes the quality is more important than the quantity it is really important to get RM sleep which is a deep sleep and into a cycle if you have a hard time getting to bed or if you have a hard time getting that like deep sleep these are a couple things that have really really helped me first of all I have my aura ring you guys know I love my aura ring this way I can actually track my sleep and tracking my sleep I immediately see which type of habits have works I also got an eight sleeve mattress that I can regulate the heat on which is unbelievable at night it will cool down a little bit and it actually helps me go into a deeper sleep but if you have a hard time falling asleep one of the biggest things that that I would suggest is turning the lights off already like 2 hours before you’re going to bed because if you have a lot of lights your body just truly does not know if it’s day or night no caffeine after 2: p.m. is a really big one even though we sometimes can still sleep after having caffeine that’s me I can have two espressos and I go to bed I can literally see in my sleep data that I’m not hitting that deep sleep that RM sleep is really where you are dreaming when your creativity starts so that’s why that deep sleep is really really important also taking supplements I always travel with my travel pouch and I always have magnesium let’s see where is it I always have magnesium with me these are these little package which are also amazing for Recovery I would highly recommend getting magnesium into your routine every night before you’re going to bed I even travel with it I love the brand symbiotica I also love the brand Moon Juice has really really good ones I also really enjoy having a sleep tea before I like this one from yogii that just like kind of calms me down I love CBD I love this little CBD roller with an essential oil and one tip that is not actually a product but what really helped me is kind of like a mind dump I don’t know if you’re overthinker but sometimes I can be an overthinker when I lay in bed my to-do list just keeps on going in my head the thing that has helped me and a habit that I did is right before I go to bed I actually grab my calendar and I will write and I will write down my to-do list for the next day and kind of anything that’s on my mind and it really helps me put almost like a brain dump in my little book so that when I go to bed my mind is clear because that is for tomorrow what I need to think about I feel everyone always talks about scheduling and planning and journaling in the morning but for me doing that at night for a couple minutes Game Changer absolute Game Changer I don’t know if this is really helping for my greasy hair you know we’re going to brush it a little also the lighting here is absolutely horrendous I’m going to show you that sign it’s very cloudy at the moment it’s very caling very calming in the woods um so my next tip would be build a consistent Fitness routine I cannot express enough how important this is dedicating time and investing time and money into your Fitness routine is going to help you in so many aspects of your life and not just your physical body it will help the way you show up as a mom as a friend as a partner because your mood will be better you will actually feel more energized you will be in less pain your body will feel stronger and I think that is almost the like more important than just so building a this building a consistent workout routine is so important and you have to be realistic here and really on a Sunday look at your schedule and see what type of workouts would fit into your week I personally love to do it in the morning first thing because then you’re just done with it it’s like check mark off you kind of have that really good feeling and that energy for the rest of your day if you’re wanting to start Pilates and you just don’t really know where to start following a plan is literally one of the best things you can do I actually mentioned this in an earlier Vlog but in January 1st I created a 28-day Pilates beginner program in this program we’re really starting at the basics so if you’ve never done Pilates really focusing on building that posture that form the fundamentals and then over the 4 weeks we’re slow slowly kind of building it up my goal of this program is not only to get you moving and get you feeling good but it’s really your moment to build that consistency and motivation we’ll have a Geneva app where we can chat with each other and really keep each other accountable but you just every time need to think about when it comes down to your Fitness is how are you feeling after and changing your physical state will also completely change your mental state okay I’m sitting outside here and I am so freezing I need to go inside I thought it was going to be a little warmer but it’s because the sun is not there okay there we go sorry guys I had to had to put a head on couldn’t look at my dirty hair also I have a little mess up behind here because we are traveling tomorrow however though my number five tip is having a wholesome nutrient dense diet and again this is not only just for for the body this is also for your skin for your mood for your energy levels everything around it my biggest thing is just to start with home-cooked meals so you know exactly what kind of ingredients you’re actually putting into your food and having a high protein diet it is I feel something that’s come way more to the attention right now like how important having enough protein actually is whatever your goals are if it’s losing weight building strength building muscle or balancing your hormones protein is key in any type of way it keeps you full it gives you energy obviously it builds muscle so it’s so so important I feel this has been something really that I’ve gotten into last year and have been really adding a lot more protein into my diet and really focusing on protein Rich breakfast and having lunch and dinner um there two protein powders that I personally like so sometimes give a little boots it’s the ritual protein powder vanilla and then I I also like the brand trani so this is a really easy and quick way to just like bump up that protein a little bit and I also think something really important is to really start breing nutrition labels if you buy something in the store that has been packaged and you look on the back if you can’t read the ingredients pronounce them it is a nogo I would highly recommend mainly foods that you can just buy as a whole then another Hab that I think is extremely extremely powerful is looking at the way you talk to yourself and practicing gratitude we’re often ourselves big as critics and your words do mean something also what we’re focusing on is what we will feel if we’re focusing on the negatives if we’re focusing on the failures if we’re focusing on toxic people or problems that is what we’re going to feel we’re going to feel sad we’re going to feel anger we’re going to feel emotional we’re going to feel pain obviously we want to have the opposite so focusing on the positive on the optimistic on the things that you’re actually grateful for will shift your day will shift your mindset and everything around it honestly there’s been a study there is a certain amount I don’t even know what it is if you make above this amount like financially it does not do anything with your happiness levels and I feel also a lot of people think that right oh if I’m wealthy oh if I have money then I will be happy well I can tell you this a lot of very rich people I know are completely and very unhappy with themselves with their lives so I feel practicing gratitude is the number one thing for a happy and fulfilled life I wake up in the morning and I will do a little gratitude practice it’s something I really learned during ortony Robins experience I will actually share a little bit more about that in another video I I promise but practicing gratitude will really help you focus on the positive things and the good things in life and I feel that’s where you’re going to feel positivity that’s what you put out into the world so that is something that will kind of come back to you then my last little tip is take cold showers I know this is I don’t know sometimes painful especially in the winter but this is an habit that will really help you build consistency and will help you build resilience when you take a cold shower it immediately get that blood flow going it will give you immediately energy and if this is something you will do over and over and over it becomes a habit for you it will become consistency and again this is where you build that self-confidence and where you’re actually really starting to feel yourself when it comes to self-confidence I feel that something very often we try to find from our external world right what other people think of us how we present ourselves to others but at the end your self-esteem comes from within almost having these little mini challenges for yourself and just accomplishing them and like doing them and keeping yourself accountable that is where you’re going to build self-confidence that’s why I love working out so much that’s why I love all these little habits because if I’m able to do this this is where I’m actually starting to feel good I’m starting to feel good about myself and the restful the restful I hope you guys enjoyed this video today I want 2024 to be your year where you show up for yourself feel healthy all of that I will link everything that I talked about today in the video down below again or P beginner program starts January 1st which I’m super excited about and we’ll have also a gut reset meal plan following week I will lay all the groundw work for you all you need to do is just follow and build those healthy habits let me know if you any questions down below uh I’m happy to answer anything and I hope to see you very soon much love happy New Year