Lewis Hamilton Announces Move to Ferrari in 2025

The video features Toto Wolff, the team principal of Mercedes Formula One team, discussing the departure of Lewis Hamilton from the team and his decision to join Ferrari in 2025. Wolff explains that they had a discussion where Hamilton expressed his need for a new challenge and the desire to race for Ferrari. Although they respect his decision, Wolff emphasizes that their personal relationship will continue. Wolff also discusses the team’s plans for the future, including finding a replacement driver for Hamilton and their goal of continuing their success in the upcoming seasons.

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Key Insights:

  • Toto Wolff and Lewis Hamilton had a conversation in Oxford where Hamilton revealed his decision to race for Ferrari in 2025.
  • Hamilton expressed a need for a new challenge and a different environment.
  • Both Wolff and Hamilton understood the short-term nature of their contract and the possibility of change.
  • While they had discussed the excitement of racing for Ferrari before, they ultimately chose to stay at Mercedes and build their legacy there.
  • Wolff emphasizes that their professional journey may be coming to an end, but their personal relationship will continue.
  • Wolff believes that Hamilton and Ferrari will have a good working relationship, given their long history and understanding of racing drivers.
  • Hamilton’s decision may have been influenced by the opportunity to sign a longer-term contract with Ferrari and give it a big push at the end of his career.
  • Wolff expresses confidence in Mercedes‘ ability to continue their success with more victories and championships in the future.
  • The decision about the second seat at Mercedes will be influenced by George Russell’s performance and his ability to compete with Hamilton.
  • There are various options available in the driver market for Mercedes to consider in the future.
  • Wolff acknowledges that the odds may be against them in competing for a championship against Max Verstappen and Red Bull, but they will give it their best shot.


We got together for coffee at my place in Oxford and he told me that he has decided to race for Ferrari in 2025. We had a good conversation about how he needed a new challenge and that this might be his last opportunity to do something different. We understood that signing a short-term contract could be beneficial for both sides, as we couldn’t commit to a longer period. We respect his decision to leave, as it’s every race driver’s dream to be in a red overall and drive a red car. While we discussed the possibility in the past, we concluded that staying at Mercedes and continuing our legacy here is something to be proud of. However, I never ignored the possibility of change. Although our professional journey together ends, our personal relationship as friends will continue. Lewis faced a difficult situation in making this decision without being able to brainstorm with me, but there are no hard feelings towards him. I am confident that he will have a good relationship with Fred as his boss at Ferrari. Fred understands racing drivers‘ minds and has a different approach but has been successful, as his track record shows. We have been together for 12 years, which is a long time for a driver to be with a team. We have had incredible success, and while Lewis is the most successful driver, our journey will go down in history. As the Mercedes Formula One team, we want to finish this chapter on a high note. We will aim for more victories and championships in the future. Looking at the driver market, it is interesting, and we need to consider who we can partner with. Having George as part of the team is great, as he has been competitive with Lewis. We still have a year together in 2024, and we want it to be successful. Realistically, the odds may be against us in competing for a world championship against Max and Red Bull, but we will do our best.