Navigating the Jungle of Health Misinformation: Unveiling Outrageous Claims in Popular Media

In this video, the speaker discusses the prevalence of misleading health claims in popular media. They highlight various videos with titles such as „1 cup will reverse clogged arteries“ or „1 glass will remove belly fat overnight,“ which have received millions of views. The speaker emphasizes that these claims are outrageous and defy natural laws of health. They explain that true health is achieved by understanding how the body works and addressing the root causes of health issues, such as toxins, inflammation, and stress, through lifestyle changes and nourishing the body with real food. The speaker urges viewers to seek a deeper understanding of health and avoid falling for quick-fix solutions.

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How does this happen?

Key Insights:

  • Misinformation about health is prevalent in popular media.
  • Many videos make outrageous claims like „1 cup will reverse clogged arteries“ or „1 glass of juice will remove clogged arteries.“
  • These videos often promise quick fixes and single solutions.
  • They prey on people’s desire for an easy solution to health problems.
  • Over 250 million views have been recorded on just 30 of these videos, indicating a lack of understanding about health.
  • Health cannot be achieved with quick fixes or by adding something to compensate for unhealthy habits.
  • Restoring health involves reducing toxins, inflammation, and stress, as well as providing the body with essential building blocks.
  • Real food, free from sugar and processed ingredients, can provide these building blocks.
  • Changing habits and rewiring the body takes time, often months to years, to truly achieve long-term health.
  • There are no magical potions or pills that can replace the process of restoring health.
  • Continued learning and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are essential for fine-tuning and optimizing health.


Hello Health Champions. How can you navigate the jungle of misinformation out there on popular media? I’ve seen a lot of videos lately with titles such as „1 cup will reverse clogged arteries,“ or „will melt belly fat,“ or „will clear your lungs,“ or whatever it is that you want to have cleared, just one cup will take care of it. And the answer is, we navigate it by understanding how health really works. So I want to take the opportunity and react a little bit to some of these videos, but also I want to talk about and really clarify a few points about what health is and why these claims are so outrageous and why they defy natural law.

If you thought it was difficult to lose weight and belly fat, well here’s your solution, „Just one cup before bed, sleep deeply and burn belly fat.“ 9.4 million views. So let’s change a couple of words, „1 cup at bedtime, burn belly fat while sleeping.“ 8.6 million views. And we’ll change a word again, „1 cup before bed, sleep fast and deeply…“ and so on, 1.6 million views. But doesn’t it seem like a whole lot of work to have to drink a whole cup of something? Let’s see if we can make it easier, how about we take two tablespoons a day of something to melt the belly fat away? 5.6 million views. Only one tablespoon… Why should you have to take two when only one will do it and lose belly fat and thigh fat? So it’s not just a potion going after the belly fat, this one does two things at once with only a tablespoon a day, 3.2 million views. And if it works for all those things, why wouldn’t it work for heart disease, the number one killer of mankind? Nobody knew it was this simple, right? One cup a day, clear clogged arteries and heart. „Only a glass of this juice will remove clogged arteries.“ That’s fantastic, not only will it remove the plaque, it will remove the entire artery. This must be quite some potion. And „Unclog arteries…1 glass in the morning.“ „One glass of juice in the morning, reverse clogged arteries.“ „1 tablespoon a day, reverse clogged arteries.“

So I found dozens, I counted up some 35 different videos with outrageous claims and very, very high view counts. And of course, we want to ride the trend of the coronavirus because people are concerned about their lungs. So you guessed it, just „1 cup, your lungs and respiratory tract will love you.“ „1 cup a day will keep your lung problems away.“ So some of you are laughing and you’re saying that’s so ridiculous, I would never click on that. But it shows us a bigger problem. And why is this so disturbing? Because overall, there were over 250 million views on just these 30 videos that I found. And that means there are 250 million people that are cheated out of an understanding and an opportunity to actually get healthy. They are looking for a quick fix and they’re promised a quick fix and a single solution. They’re basically saying that don’t worry about anything you’ve done in the last 30 years, just have a cup of this or a tablespoon of this, and all your problems will go away.

Well, this guy over here, he lived about fifty thousand years ago, and I think he was a lot smarter than that because he would look at these claims and he would say no, it doesn’t work like that. If we eat a plant or an animal and we get sick, then the solution is not to eat another plant to try to compensate for it. It’s to stop eating the thing that got us sick. This guy could figure that out, and we have evolved to a point where we don’t get that anymore. We look for these quick fixes and single solutions. So it’s not mostly about adding things; it’s mostly about taking away. Another example would be fish in a lake. If a lake is getting really polluted and the fish are getting very sick and a lot of them are dying, how many people think it’s a good idea to just add one more chemical in that lake and hope that it would solve the problem? It’s not about adding one more thing; it’s about cleaning up the lake.

We even get this with dogs. If the dog gets sick, what’s the first question? We say – „what did the dog eat?“ Let’s not feed the dog that anymore. If the dog gets fat, we say it’s because it’s being kept sedentary, it’s not moving like dogs are supposed to, and it’s eating man-made food. We get it. So why can’t we get it with humans? Why don’t we understand that it’s more about taking away? Why do we think that we can add something to undo all of the things we’ve done in the last 20, 30 years? And unfortunately, one of the biggest reasons is called the allopathic paradigm. Allopathic means mainstream medicine, and it’s the idea that we give something for something. And in the healthcare field, they give a medication for a symptom. But then in the alternative healthcare field, in the natural health care field, they follow the same idea. They just replace the medication with an herb or an elixir or a synthetic vitamin or something. But the idea is the same, that they’re trying to solve a problem by adding something. And there’s nothing you can add to undo the things you’ve done; you have to undo those things. So the problem here is that we’re stuck in a pill mentality. Whether it’s an herb or an elixir or a medication, it’s still the same pill mentality that we have to get past. It’s not about adding something; it’s about restoring function and adopting the whole lifestyle.

But if you thought those previous examples were outrageous, now let’s go beyond ridiculous. Let’s add a time frame to when this is supposed to be done. „Only two cups a day for one week for a flat stomach,“ 26 million views. And „One glass a day for 1 week for a flat stomach“ and „How I lost belly fat in 7 days, no diet, no workout.“ So here you don’t have to do anything, keep smoking and drinking and eat your pizza, don’t have to do anything, you can get this done in seven days. „How to lose arm fat in seven days,“ it doesn’t just work for belly fat or weight, you can even lose that arm fat, 12 million views. But wait, why should it have to take a whole week? Who’s got that kind of time? I mean, let’s go a little further beyond ridiculous. „How to remove belly fat in a single night, drinking this magical water,“ now we’re talking, 1.5 million views. „Bedtime drink to remove belly fat in a single night,“ 9.2 million views. „Just boil 2 ingredients and drink this before bedtime and lose weight overnight,“ 15 million views. So you don’t even have to really speak English, even though you have an English title and video, to get 15 million views.

So what are we thinking here? These videos alone got over 25 million views, so is this a person who says „Oops, I forgot to change my lifestyle this past winter and I have to go to the beach tomorrow, let me look up some videos about magical water so I can get that bikini and feel good?“ And then to round it off, let’s bring up the Hall of Fame of absurd claims, these are the one-of-a-kinds. „Only a teaspoon before a meal, remove belly fat in one night.“ I mean, I’d buy that all day long, right? „I lost weight in one day without diet and exercise.“ You don’t have to do anything. And „How to lose weight in 2 hours,“ now that’s got to be the kicker. Like – „Oh my God, is that the time? My wedding is in 2 hours and I can’t get into this wedding dress.“ Alright, let me find a video to solve the problem. What are we thinking? Well, I have to admit these last two, they are actually possible, and here is how you lose weight in one day or in 2 hours, and that is if you’re really, really full of, you-know-what, and you go have a massive bowel movement. Then you could probably shed some weight. I don’t think we’ll get into that wedding dress, however.

And a lot of you are probably laughing at this point and saying that I can’t believe people click on that kind of stuff. But maybe you clicked and maybe you learned something after that and you won’t click again. But the fact is that people do click, over 250 million views on these 30 videos alone. And it reflects a bigger underlying problem that people don’t understand health. As a culture, we have no idea what health is. We live under the delusion that there is a quick fix, and every tabloid magazine, every newspaper article that you see, it’s about lose this much in this amount of time, and it’s absurd. And here’s the bigger problem, that if they never start understanding about health, if they never get some videos or some information or read some books to actually start understanding it, now they never will. And they will just be part of the statistics like in the US, we spend over 4 trillion dollars on sick care, and people are getting sicker and sicker and sicker. And this just feeds into more of that same problem.

So let’s talk about how to actually restore health, and this will help put in perspective why all of those previous examples are so absurd and also just completely contrary to natural law. You want to think of your body as cells. You have something like 40 trillion cells, and there is a turnover of cells; they wear out. The average cell, something like a red blood cell, lives for about a hundred days, and then it wears out, it dies, it gets recycled, you make new ones. Some cells, like your gut lining, replace every 3 to 4 to 5 days, and some cells, like your brain and nervous system, live for years or even forever. But on average, you want to think about your cells changing every hundred days. In about a year, you replace 90% of the cells in your body. The cells and the tissues and the molecules that you consist of, they are getting replaced; you are not the same person you were last year because the molecules are different.

The way to get healthy is to replace the old cell with a better cell, and how do you do that? Well, you reduce the things that interfere. That cell is programmed to make the best possible copy of itself. And the things that interfere are things like toxins, inflammation, and stress. Toxins are chemicals and pesticides and herbicides and artificial colors and artificial sweeteners and food additives and heavy metals and chemical hormones, and the list goes on and on and on. Inflammation is… Some inflammation is necessary for healing, acute inflammation, but chronic long-term inflammation keeps healing from resolving, okay? It’s unresolved healing when we have long-term inflammation, and this is caused by sugar, insulin, seed oils, and things like that. And stress finally is just one of those things that a lot of people just brush off. It’s like – „Oh well, that’s life.“ Well, you can teach your body to respond differently to stress because what stress does is it puts you in a fight-or-flight response; when you’re stressed, you’re telling your body, „I don’t have time to heal right now. I’ll worry about that tomorrow or some other time.“ Right now, I’ve got this fire to put out. I’ve got this urgent thing to do, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a bear or a lion or a truck trying to run you over, or even imaginary things like too many deadlines or bills or things that just exist in your head. Your body reacts the same way. And when you’re stressed, you’re telling your body, „I don’t have time to heal. I don’t have time to make better cells right now.“ And if you think back to all those examples, there is nothing that a cup or a glass or a tablespoon is going to do to help you with toxins, inflammation, and stress. These are the root causes; you need to address the root causes, not drink a glass of something.

So first, you want to reduce the interference, and the second thing is to increase the resources for the body to make new cells, and those resources are building blocks. So you need essential amino acids to build muscles and proteins and bones and connective tissue. You need essential fatty acids to build cell membranes and brain tissue and insulation. You need fuel that will give you stable energy, and sugar and processed food are not going to give you stable energy. Whole food with protein and fat will give you stable energy. It will be like putting a log on the fire that burns cleanly for a long, long time. Energy is a requirement for the body to function, and unstable blood sugar is a form of stress. And finally, you need catalysts. And these are things like vitamins and minerals and enzymes, and your body needs these catalysts to turn the foodstuff into building blocks into tissue and into energy.

Now, the good news is that it’s not that hard to find these things. The building blocks, the stable energy, and the catalysts, it’s called real food. You stay away from sugar and processed food. You eat whole meat, whole vegetables, good quality fats, nuts, and meats, and so forth, and you’re covered. The food has that stuff in it, we just have to stay away from things that man has processed or altered or destroyed. And then we need time to rewire the body. Just like you have habits, your body has habits. You have metabolic habits, signal pathway habits, and it’s going to take time for your body to start changing those, to rewire, to break down old pathways and rebuild new pathways until those new habits feel natural and feel like the default thing, both to you and your body.

And again, there is no pill. There is no potion. There is no elixir. There is no snake oil that will take care of this. I’m not saying that there is no value to any of those; there may very well be some herb that does something beneficial. But it’s the wrong way of looking at things because it’s not addressing the root cause. It’s such a tiny, tiny piece of the big picture that we have to start understanding what the big picture is. And if you really want to restore health, you have to understand that time frame. That when they’re talking about hours or days or maybe a week, that is so absurd because your body doesn’t change that fast. You can’t really change anything fundamentally in that period of time. It defies natural law. And in a matter of days or weeks, you can start to notice changes. Most people, once they start cutting out some processed foods and they eat less chemicals and they stabilize their blood sugar, notice changes, most people, in a few days, and if not that, then in a few weeks. But that’s just the beginning, that’s just getting started because you have to start programming and replacing tissues and pathways and wiring to really make a long-term difference. And now we’re talking months to years, if you keep learning, you keep changing your lifestyle, maintaining your new lifestyle. Now what’s happening is you fine-tune and you stabilize your newfound health and you make it the best it can be for your genetic potential.

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