Unveiling the Truth: 10 Foods You Need to Avoid for a Healthy Diet

The video discusses 10 foods that should be avoided. Canned soup is mentioned as an example of an enriched food which is processed and depleted. Wheat is highlighted for its common allergen and lectin properties. Canned tuna is mentioned as it contains mercury, which can be harmful to pregnant women and fetuses. Diet soda is criticized for its artificial sweeteners, which can break down into harmful substances. Potato chips are deemed problematic due to the type of fat used in frying them. Fake maple syrup is criticized for being highly processed and containing empty calories. Margarine is mentioned as a food that went through a chemical process to replace animal fat, resulting in the creation of trans fats. Energy drinks are described as stimulants that borrow energy rather than provide it. Fruit juice is criticized for its high sugar content and lack of nutrients due to pasteurization. Deli meats are mentioned as potentially containing harmful additives such as preservatives and sweeteners. The video encourages viewers to choose healthier alternatives and emphasizes the importance of being mindful of ingredients.

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Key Insights:

  • Canned soup often contains enriched and processed ingredients, like cornstarch and yeast extract, that can be detrimental to health.
  • White bread is highly processed and lacks essential nutrients. It also contains gluten, which many people have difficulty tolerating.
  • Consuming too much tuna, especially canned tuna, can expose the body to high levels of mercury, which is a neurotoxin.
  • Diet soda contains artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose, which can have negative effects on health. It is best to avoid it altogether.
  • Potato chips are usually fried in seed oils, which are inflammatory and can promote insulin resistance. They also trigger addictive behaviors due to their high palatability.
  • Commercially available pancake syrups often contain high amounts of refined sugars or unhealthy substitutes like high fructose corn syrup.
  • Margarine, made from hydrogenated seed oils, contains trans fats, which are highly toxic and linked to various health problems.
  • Energy drinks may give a temporary energy boost but can be harmful in the long run due to the stimulating effects of caffeine and artificial additives.
  • Store-bought fruit juice is often pasteurized, destroying essential nutrients and leaving behind only the concentrated sugar content.
  • Deli meats, like cold cuts and luncheon meats, contain preservatives, artificial additives, and excessive salt, which can have negative health effects when consumed regularly.


Hello Health Champions. Sometimes people keep eating the wrong foods because they just don’t know any better, but other times it’s because what they are being told is actually wrong, so today I want to go over the real reason you want to avoid these 10 foods. So in no particular order, this is food number one, canned soup. And here is a brand that shall remain anonymous and what was interesting was where the source where I got this information they said to avoid soup but the only thing out of this list that they found objectionable was salt.

Now I think there are a few other things salt is about the only thing that I think is relatively safe on this list but when they talk about something that’s enriched. What does that mean that should be a word that sounds off an alarm bell because in which means they took away a lot and put back a little. So it’s like I take a dollar from you and I’ll give you a penny back and now I have enriched you that’s what it means. So enriched foods are processed and depleted foods next we have wheat which will go over more later which is one of the most common allergens there’s virtually no one that tolerates wheat properly anymore.

Mono sodium glutamate is an excitotoxin it’s a neurotoxin that makes your brain think food tastes better than it does and it kills brain cells and it makes you eat more of certain foods than your body normally would cornstarch nothing good about it’s modified corn starch could mean just about anything cane sugar flavoring could mean anything yeast extract is often a pseudonym for monosodium glutamate or other synthetic artificial flavoring agents soy protein isolate means that they have processed they start off with soy which is not a great food in the first place but then they process it harshly with solvents and acid to isolate these proteins so not a great food harshly processed.

And then we have phosphate we’ll cover this in a couple more places I’ll show you but phosphate is in the body works in balance with calcium in your bone you have 10 parts calcium to 4 parts phosphorus and anytime that we get too much phosphorus it’s not a bad thing in itself it’s obviously an essential but when we add too much we unbalance the calcium in the body and we actually deplete calcium from the bones of processed foods cleaning a lot of phosphate are actually promoting bone loss and osteoporosis so canned soup it’s more of an example for you to avoid whenever something has this list of ingredients then you just know it’s not a great food to this carries over to 100 different items.

Number two on the list is white bread and there is little argument anymore that this is not a great food first of all it’s hybridized and that means that genetically altered it they changed it to give higher yields to be more resistant to weather and they’ve also changed it so that it has higher levels of a specific kind of gluten that’s extra-sticky that’s how they can make this bread so super fluffy what you can’t do with really any other kind of grain and that makes a chewy and fluffy but most people have a really hard time tolerating that kind of gluten that’s why some people can eat Ancient Grains but they can’t eat this modern form of wheat.

The wheat grain basically has three things in it has starch bran and germ and the starch is another form of sugar brand is the fiber and germ is where the vitamins and minerals that’s where the fat-soluble vitamins are but when they process it in order to turn it into this white fluffy thing they remove the fiber and they remove all the nutrients and this is the main reason why the mainstream looks down upon this bread that’s why they don’t recommend it cuz they say it’s empty calories and also to some degree they say that it has a very high glycemic index of 75 give or take a couple which is actually higher than table sugar so it will raise your blood sugar tremendously fast it’s basically just another form of sugar it will start breaking down into glucose within seconds of being in your mouth and then it goes very quickly to raise your blood sugar within minutes.

Wheat also contains something called wheat agglutinin which is a lectin and people can have different degrees of sensitivity to lectins for some people it’s a life-changing problem and for some, it’s barely noticeable but what this does is it damages the surface of certain structures and one is the gut lining so by damaging the inside of the gut lining it promotes gut irritation and leaky gut and food sensitivities by irritating and damaging the inside of blood vessels called the intima it promotes cardiovascular disease and inflammation in your cardiovascular circulatory system another problem with wheat is that most of it is produced with something called glyphosate which is a probable carcinogen and it has been banned in many countries around the world.

But then we have something really interesting that everyone agrees that this is junk food but for some reason, this closely related thing called wheat bread is promoted as a health food as a staple as necessary even and when we look at the big long list of characteristics they’re virtually identical the only reason is that in whole grain bread, they keep the brand and The Germ which of course I’m in favor of you shouldn’t remove certain beneficial portions and the other difference is that the glycemic index is 75 vs 74 so in other words virtually exactly the same everything else about these are identical in the mainstream the only thing they object to is that they remove a little bit of the nutrients which again is a bad thing but they’re missing the big picture that people are reacting and this is causing inflammation at so many different levels so I would definitely avoid this but I would also avoid that as well.

Number three on the list is canned tuna and it’s not just canned tuna but any kind of tuna really it’s convenient it’s filling it’s tasty but it has something called mercury tuna is a large fish it’s a predator so when he eats the smaller creatures of the ocean it concentrates all the toxins in those smaller creatures and there was a study and as a result of that study during recommended that pregnant women should avoid tuna altogether because Mercury is such a potent neurotoxin that it prevents the proper formation of the baby’s brain and nervous system but I think we also want to understand that if it has that effect on the pregnant woman and the fetus then then it’s something that we ought to be cautious with so I’m not saying you need to avoid it a hundred percent but don’t treat it as a staple don’t eat it all the time I’d say maybe every couple of weeks or once a month or something then you have a little Tuna.

Number 4 is diet soda and the biggest questions people have all the time are is it compatible with keto is it alright does it spike insulin will it break a fast and the answer is that it works for keto it doesn’t spike insulin at least not much in most people it doesn’t really break a fast but those are irrelevant questions because this is not food any more than you would eat paint chips with lead in them you do not want to touch this stuff Aspartame is one of the more popular artificial sweeteners and it breaks down into formaldehyde which is embalming fluid and ethanol that’s wood alcohol the stuff that makes you go blind and the list of complaints about Aspartame is endless but they had a hard time pinning anything specific on it.

The other popular artificial sweetener is called sucralose also known as Splenda and when they marketed this and promoted it they had learned that people didn’t like artificial things so they spent a lot of time and energy promoting sucralose at something natural they said it as natural as carbohydrate and sea salt because sodium chloride is sea salt and carbon is in every living thing but what they lied about what they implied that is not true is that these things go together and they don’t and Sucralose they force them together into a covalent bond which is a strong bond and these two things when you put them together in that kind of bond they become pesticides and that’s how they discovered sucralose is that they were trying to develop a pesticide when they found that it tasted sweet so things like DDT and Aldrin and Dieldrin and the list goes on and on this is just a partial list what do these things have in common they are chloro-carbons or also known as Organo chlorides and they have been proven to be so toxic that they were banned years or decades ago but they’re so pretty voice of in the environment that even 50-60 years after the ban they are still detectable.

Number five on the list is potato chips and the most common objection then you hear is that they’re high in salt and high in fat I don’t have a problem with that but we’ll talk more and therefore, of course, the high in calories something curious though is that it basically produces a bottomless craving there’s only so much fat you can eat there’s only so much bacon or so much meat there so much steak but there is no limit to how much potato chips you can eat it just keeps going and going if the bag is open then it’s going to get finished so that sort of gives you a hint that this act more like a drug than a food and it’s not the amount of fat that’s a problem with chips it’s the type of fat they fry these things in Seed oils commercial mass-produced oils that are inflammatory they’re highly harshly processed with chemicals and high heat and they promote insulin resistance because they’re inflammatory and because of something called reactive oxygen species that create oxidative damage.

When I first came to the US I was surprised to find that potato chips was promoted as food I always thought of them as a party snack as something that you had once a month or or less at a party but here it was everywhere it was every fast food meal had the option of being served with potato chips so unfortunately I expect the rest of the world is kind of following suit in that regard that were just allowing more and more processed foods to be part of actual what we consider food rather than the occasional snack.

Number 6 is fake maple syrup real maple syrup is a relatively natural product. You basically drill into a tree and you give it some time and you get maple syrup dripping out now that’s still very high in sugar but it does have some nutrients and if you were to only make a treat when there’s a birthday or a special event then I don’t have a huge problem with maple syrup however when you start eating it with pancakes for breakfast everyday now that’s a problem even more of a problem is when we don’t differentiate between different types and we think that one thing is just as good as the other but most of the commercial stuff is not natural now you have a process refined empty-calorie sugar that is basically all of what this regular pancake syrup is or even worse they use more high fructose corn syrup or even worse they start promoting sugar-free syrup because they figure hey that sugar is the problem now let’s make something sugary that doesn’t have sugar so now it’s a complete disaster of and chemical concoction.

Number 7 so now we have sorbitol, cellulose camo color and the list goes on and on and on so again when you see these kind of things just stay away and let me also point out that again we have phosphate in phosphoric acid that it’s a natural compound in small amounts not a problem but by the time you start adding it in a lot of processed foods now it starts pulling calcium out of the bone and promoting osteoporosis of keep a lookout for that.

Number 7 is margarine margarine was a cheap alternative to butter they were trying to find a cheaper fat that came out during the beef rendering Crazed after somebody invented the steam engine and the steam engine permitted better production that they had more of this beef fat from the animals it gives birth to a massive industry that later moves into and it’s cotton seed oil.

And bacon fat in various forms that pounded the product that eventually was able to send it with the army and so that poor people could afford it and in the beginning, they came up with something that was made from beef tallow and they mixed it with water and milk and apparently it was resembling butter and they were real happy and that was how margarine was made until the Great Depression and World War II era because now there was rationing of animal products they couldn’t get easy access to the tallow anymore and they had to find something else so now they started using seed oils and plant oils problem was the Tallow was solid at room temperature but seed oils are liquid at room temperature or refrigerated so they had to really start changing the chemical structure of these and that’s where they invented hydrogenation which basically means the pumping a bunch of hydrogen in at high pressure and high temperature and you saturate that unsaturated oil but in the process you create something called trans fat and trans fats are so harmful and they are generally recognized as harmful.

Number 8 on the list is energy drinks people drink these because it feels like they give you energy but that’s a fallacy they do not give you energy they borrow energy so you’re borrowing energy from someplace so that you could have it temporarily but what these drinks actually do is they are stimulants and stimulants are things like caffeine in coffee it perks you up so you think that you have more energy which you do temporarily but the more often you do that the more you’re going to kind of have to pay it back later they also contain guarana which is just another name for caffeine.

Number 9 is fruit juice and while fruit juice is made from fruit which potentially has some benefit in fruit concentrate the nutrients that could theoretically be a benefit that there’s some nutrients now you concentrate the nutrients you can get more of them at once but the problem is you also concentrate the sugar so while you’re getting a little more of something you might want you’re getting a lot more of something you don’t want and then the bigger problem is that everything that you buy in the store is going to be pasteurized by law and therefore they’re going to kill off every form of enzyme everything that’s been alive and virtually destroys all the nutrients in there so the store-bought stuff that they called juice is really just sugar water it is right on par with soft drinks you can argue it’s a tiny little bit better cuz there’s still some nutrients and yes that’s true but think of it basically as a soft drink.

Number 10 on the list is deli meat or luncheon meats or cold cuts and ham sausage prosciutto salami the very popular they could be made from pork or beef or chicken or turkey and what’s the greatest objection that is being brought forward it’s that they’re high in salt and this is not why you want to worry about these next objection often brought up is that there’s an association to cancer they found people that eat a lot of these have high rates of cancer but we want to understand that it’s a difference between the raw material and the end product we want to start asking how was it raised and even more so much more important what was added cuz you can have a good raw material but if you add a bunch of chemicals and junk now it’s poison so some of these things they add are sodium nitrite it’s a preservative that enhances and maintains the red color but there’s also a lot of products that are perfectly fine without this they also add sugar they add various chemicals preservatives BHT butylated hydroxytoluene and many other things with equally strange names they add monosodium glutamate that we talked about it’s an excitotoxin it makes things taste better makes your brain think they taste better than they do and therefore you eat more than you normally would and they put things like cornstarch in here and why not put some more artificial color some aspartame and some sucralose in there as well because people are hooked on the sweet taste fortunately, there are a lot of Alternatives today in the deli counter is especially if you find a good quality the word that caters to the health-oriented people that you can get all of these without any of these chemicals or artificial ingredients and then it is a perfectly fine food.

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