Boost Your Testosterone Today: Flirt, Workout, and Get Some Sun

In this video, the speaker discusses three fast ways to increase testosterone levels. The first method is flirting with women, as even a brief conversation can boost testosterone by 50-70%. The speaker emphasizes that rejection is rare and not something to fear. Secondly, he suggests doing a specific workout routine of six sets of 10 reps on compound movements, with each set at 80% intensity. This routine has been shown to significantly increase testosterone. Lastly, the speaker recommends getting sunlight for at least 90 minutes per week, as it has been linked to increased testosterone and libido.

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Key Insights:

  • Watching porn before a workout may increase testosterone levels and improve performance, but there are better ways to boost testosterone without negative side effects.
  • Flirting with women has been shown to increase testosterone levels by 50-70%. Approaching women and engaging in conversations can have a primal effect on the body, preparing it for potential sexual activity or defending oneself.
  • Contrary to popular belief, most rejections from women do not result in negative consequences such as being recorded and posted online.
  • Simple conversations with women can have a significant impact on testosterone levels, and maintaining eye contact and deep breathing can enhance the effect.
  • A specific workout routine consisting of six sets of 10 reps of compound movements, such as bench press or squats, with an intensity of 8/10 can increase testosterone levels.
  • Avoid being too attached to the weight used in workouts, as intensity and proximity to failure are more important for muscle and testosterone growth.
  • Spending time in sunlight for at least 90 minutes per week has been shown to increase testosterone levels and libido.
  • Even if sunlight is not bright or direct, sitting outdoors and exposing the skin to natural light can still have positive effects on testosterone.
  • Developing a discipline of regularly engaging in testosterone-boosting activities can lead to noticeable differences in energy levels and overall well-being.


There was a study which said that if you watch porn before a workout you would increase your testosterone and be more likely to hit a one rep max in the lift. There are better ways to increase your testosterone which doesn’t fry your dopamine and make you feel like a loser, so I wanted to give you some fast wins that you can feel today. Whatever time you’re watching this video within the next few hours, you’ll get a boost to your testosterone, which will just make the rest of today better. And if you really like the effect, then you can just start doing this as a daily habit.

One of the simple ways to increase your testosterone is by flirting with women. It has been shown that if you have a few minutes of conversation with an attractive woman, your testosterone will shoot up by 50-70%. This is because your body is getting ready to have sex and possibly defend itself against other men who also want the woman. So flirt more with women.

There is a fear that many men have due to the #MeToo movement, but in the real world, when you actually step outside of the internet, rejection doesn’t result in public humiliation. If you actually talk to women and engage in conversation, rejection is fine. So, take the opportunity to speak to a woman on your commute to work, at school, in the gym, or wherever you may be. The conversation doesn’t have to start with a pickup line. A simple question can initiate the conversation and gradually build up your confidence.

Breathing fully is crucial when flirting with women because it displays power and confidence. Make sure to breathe fully as it helps boost testosterone and attracts women. Deeply gaze and hold eye contact while breathing fully. This simple act can have more impact than any pickup line or game. Remember to keep breathing fully throughout the conversation as it signifies confidence and power.

Another fast win to increase testosterone is the testosterone workout. Most workout routines actually decrease testosterone until you sleep and recover. But there is a specific routine that has been shown to have a significant improvement in testosterone, which is six sets of ten reps of a compound movement. Each set should be performed at an 80% intensity, where the last rep should be challenging yet achievable. Rest for two minutes between each set and decrease the weight if needed to maintain the desired intensity. Stick to this routine without adding other exercises if your goal is to prioritize testosterone.

Sunlight is also important for increasing testosterone. Spending 30 minutes, three times a week, sitting in sunlight has been proven to raise testosterone levels. Expose as much of your skin as possible to get the maximum benefits. Even if it’s not bright outside or if it’s raining, simply being outside in your underwear for 30 minutes a day can still have a positive impact on testosterone.

Remember that these are fast ways to increase testosterone, and you may feel the difference within a few hours. Incorporating these practices into your daily routine can lead to long-term benefits for your testosterone levels.