The Best Smartwatches and Health Trackers Based on Actual Data

In this video, the presenter shares their recommendations for the best smartwatches and health trackers based on actual data. They discuss various brands and models, including Garmin, Polar, Aura Ring, Whoop, Huawei, Fitbit, and Xiaomi. The presenter emphasizes the importance of data-driven recommendations and highlights the strengths and weaknesses of different devices for general health tracking and sports tracking. They also discuss sleep tracking and mention the best devices for tracking sleep stages. The presenter provides personal recommendations based on different budgets and goals, taking into account factors like heart rate tracking, sleep stage tracking, and overall health advice.

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Key Insights:

  • The top contenders for general health tracking are the Aura Ring and the Whoop Strap, which track activity levels, sleep quality, body temperature, resting heart rate, and heart rate variability.
  • The Aura Ring is highly accurate in detecting changes in health parameters and can potentially detect illnesses.
  • The Whoop Strap excels in sports tracking and heart rate monitoring during workouts.
  • For heart rate tracking during exercise, Apple Watches and some Huawei watches are the best options.
  • Garmin devices are excellent for GPS tracking during outdoor activities.
  • Fitbit devices provide good overall health tracking and insights.
  • The Apple Watch is one of the best sleep stage trackers but has limited battery life and compatibility with iPhones only.
  • Other notable sleep stage trackers include Fitbit and Google Pixel watches.
  • The ordering provides comprehensive sleep tracking data and actionable insights on sleep quality.
  • Consider individual needs, budget, and specific tracking requirements when choosing a smartwatch or health tracker.


In this video, I’ll be sharing my top picks for the best smartwatches and health trackers based on actual data. We’ll discuss various brands and models including Garmin, Polar, Aura Ring, Whoop, Huawei, Fitbit, and Xiaomi. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, health-conscious individual, or just want to track your steps and basic health trends, I’ve got you covered. I base my recommendations on systematic and scientific measurements taken over the last few years. All my recommendations are backed up by a lot of data. So sit back and let’s find the perfect smartwatch or health tracker for you.

Hello everyone! For those new to the channel, my name is Rob, and I’m a postdoctoral scientist specializing in biological data analysis. I’ve tested over 80 smartwatches in the last two and a half years, aiming to share unbiased performance based on data analysis. I must admit that one aspect lacking in my reviews is considering individual needs, which can make certain features more or less relevant. In this video, I’ll share my recommendations while considering different real-world use cases. However, my recommendations are still based on the data I’ve collected.

Let’s start by looking at the best devices for general health tracking, which include monitoring activity levels, sleep quality, body temperature, resting heart rate, and heart rate variability. Two top contenders in this category are the Aura Ring and the Whoop Strap. Both are designed to be worn all day and track various health metrics, advising and informing you on your day-to-day health. The Aura Ring is a smart ring with sensors, while the Whoop Strap can be worn on different body parts.

These devices can detect changes in your health parameters that might indicate a need for better recovery or a suitable day for exercise. They can even track changes related to illness and help guide your recovery. For example, the Aura Ring can measure relative temperature deviation, which has been found to correlate with feeling sick. It can also measure white blood cell counts, which may indicate a physical response to illness. The ordering has generally provided intuitive health tracking results, especially compared to other devices tested.

When it comes to sports tracking, the Whoop Strap performs quite well. It is more convenient for tracking heart rate during workouts, while the Aura Ring may have some limitations in this regard. However, for heart rate tracking during workouts, devices like the Apple Watch and Huawei Watch outperform both the Whoop Strap and the Aura Ring.

For accurate heart rate tracking, devices like the Apple Watch and Huawei Watch are recommended, while the Whoop Strap and the Aura Ring may not be the best options for heart rate tracking during workouts.

For sleep tracking, both the Apple Watch and certain Fitbit devices provide good results, with sleep stage tracking and other important parameters. The Aura Ring and Whoop Strap are also good options for sleep tracking, although they require a monthly subscription.

In summary, the best overall health tracking device is subjective and depends on individual needs, goals, and budget. Some recommended options include the Whoop Strap for its comprehensive health tracking and clear data presentation. The Apple Watch and Huawei Watch are recommended for heart rate tracking during workouts. Garmin devices, such as the Forerunner 255 and Instinct 2, offer good all-around functionalities. Fitbit devices are a more budget-friendly option, and the Huawei and Xiaomi bands are suitable for those on a tight budget.

It’s important to note that personal factors, such as fitness level and preferences, may influence the best choice of device. It’s recommended to check out specific video reviews tailored to your interests, such as those on the Aura Ring, Whoop Strap, Apple Watch, and sleep stage tracking.