The Four R’s: A Formula for a Perfect Sleep Routine

In this video, Wheezywaiter and his wife Chyna discuss their new sleep routine. They came up with a four R method, which stands for Remove, Reset, Relax, and Retire. They set specific times to stop eating and using screens, clean and tidy their surroundings, engage in relaxing activities like reading and meditating, and finally go to bed at a specific time. They talk about the benefits of having a nighttime routine, such as better sleep and feeling more organized. They also mention how occasional exceptions are okay as long as they return to the routine.

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Key Insights:

  • The perfect sleep routine consists of the four R’s: Remove, Reset, Relax, and Retire.
  • To remove distractions, stop eating and drinking at 8:30 PM and turn off screens at 9:30 PM.
  • Reset by cleaning and tidying, practicing dental hygiene, and making to-do lists.
  • Relax with activities like taking a bath, reading, meditating, stretching, and practicing breathing exercises.
  • Retire by going to bed ideally at 11:00 PM.
  • Writing down three good things that happened during the day and their reasons helps retrain the mind to focus on positivity.
  • A nighttime routine can help improve sleep quality, reduce anxiety, and increase productivity during the day.
  • Setting a standard nighttime routine is important for consistency, even if occasional exceptions are made.
  • The Headspace app offers various guided exercises, including meditation, breathing exercises, and yoga, to help relax and wind down before bed.
  • A well-established nighttime routine can contribute to a sense of organization and control in daily life.


– I’ve concocted the perfect sleep routine. Four R’s. First R, „remove.“ Stop eating and drinking at 8:30 PM. Turn off screens at 9:30 PM. – Sounds really healthy. – Does, doesn’t it? Two, „reset.“ Clean and tidy. Dental hygiene, reset your mouth. To-do lists, reset your plans. Reset your life! Relax. I wrote down options. Bath, read, drink tea, meditate, stretch, yoga, breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation. A thing I’ve talked about in another video. Basically, you go through several muscle groups, and you tense them up for five seconds, and you breathe in, and then you let it out. Journal. I came across, what’s his name, Dr. YouTube. He had a journal idea. Three good things that happened to you that day. – I like that. – Write down three good things that have happened to you that day, as well as a brief reason as to why. We’re retraining our minds to let go of the anxiety and think about the good things. – When I lay in bed, my brain thoughts fire along and keep me awake. Thinking about good things that happened, that might help. And then the fourth R, „retire.“ Go to bed, 11:00 PM, ideally. And I’ve come up with several names. The four R’s for after-hours, the four R’s before snores, the four R’s for core snores, the after-hour four R power, and my favorite, four R’s for our snore hours. Yes. That’s amazing. – We really do need to reset this room. Oh, it’s a freaking disaster. That means I have to finish this in the next nine minutes. – But we can still play „Zelda“ until 9:30. We have, like, an hour. – Oh, thank God. – And this has been part of the problem, and why we need a sleep routine. – How do we turn that off? It’s electrified. – Okay, we’re in reset mode, and now it’s time to reset Bunny’s bowels. Get out my running garb, put it by the bed. Little meditation with help from the Headspace app. I’ll talk more about them later. – Hi. – Hello! – And welcome to this goodnight exercise. – Thank you! They can’t hear me. Feel relaxed. Why are you doing this with me? – I feel like I could have less screens. The biggest thing for me, the reset. I think that that will dramatically improve my next day. – So hopefully there’ll be less- Why did you just hit yourself? – Because of the reason. – Good night. Feels good waking up to a clean kitchen and dining room. Everything in its place. A lot of the things you want to do in your life happen at night. At least for me. I got a Weezer, Modest Mouse, Momma concert coming up. That’s gonna be a late night. I got a screening of my friend Jake’s movie, „Haunt Season“ in Chicago. That’s gonna be a late night. But, you know, if you venture off, bring it back. Goes in phases. Just because you fail one or two nights, all is not lost! Oh, you’re picking up a Korok guy right now. You’re just gonna walk him over. – I don’t see anything to build! – Nighttime is like, it’s my time. It really depends on how well bedtime goes with our kids. Social things that we do at night. It is the time for variables. I got beer and board games tomorrow night. – You’re a busy man. – Just expect that it’s gonna fail a lot. ‚Cause I got- – Not fail, but, like, make exceptions. But I do like the order. I like that we do the fun thing first and then do the reset. Because otherwise, if we clean up the kitchen first, and then we sit down and, like, start playing video game or watching something, then we’ll just do that forever. – The reset puts you in the organization mood. „We’re doing the thing, now I’m gonna go and get ready for bed.“ We’re on our way to dropping me off at beer and board games. I won’t be able to reset. – I’m gonna have to do that by myself. It’s not that bad, though. – You’re right. – I think it’ll be okay. – We’re a team. Life partner. – Wife partner. – Are you seriously suggesting that we’re going to kiss? – Are we kissing? – If you two kiss, I will kiss Wheezywaiter. – Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Why didn’t you say it sooner, my friend? Let’s do this! I think what’s important is to set a standard. I think the danger comes in when you just have a bunch of crazy nights and you’re like, „Well, forget it. There’s no way to have a routine at night. I’m just gonna let fate decide everything all the time.“ And that’s fine, you can live your life that way. But I find that it is useful to at least have a standard there. It’s not something you have to stick to all the time. One of the most fun things about life, to me, is discovery. Going out there, seeing what happens, getting crazy sometimes. Set a standard, if I don’t follow it, don’t get mad at myself, I’ll return to it later, hopefully. Tonight, for instance, you had a board meeting. And you didn’t get home until 9:30. You don’t have any time to have a little- – Play Zelda. – Play Zelda. That doesn’t start with R. Relda? – Run around Hyrule. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – I don’t feel that strongly about it, though. – So do you wanna reset with me? You wanna move garbage around with me? That was my wedding vows. You wanna move garbage around with me? – Yeah. – Countertop. We did it. – We can see it. Tomorrow, I’m absolutely playing Zelda. I won’t be here. – What else am I gonna do? – Because you’re lost and distraught without me? – Is the switch waterproof? Cause I will be crying a lot. – And I’m gonna be seeing my friend’s horror movie. Everyone else is gonna be terrified and I’m gonna be crying. – Be crying? – Cause I’ll miss you so much. – Yeah, we thought Craig was really cool, but then we invited him out, and he just cried the whole time. – When I’m shooting video by myself in the office, I have towels nearby. – Do you have to, like, edit out tears dripping down your face? – Yes, it’s all CG. I spend a lot of money on that. I get all the cries out before I hit record. It’s just, „Hey, I’m Wheezywaiter!“ It was uncanny how much you sounded like you. I was like, „Oh, my God, is Craig here?“ „Hey, I’m Wheezywaiter!“ „Hey, I’m Wheezywaiter!“ „Hey, I’m Wheezywaiter!“ „Here’s the new health thing that I’m doing, meh!“ „Oh, my god, guys, intermittent fasting, weh!“ Do you wanna do an impression of you? – Um… Uh… No. (both laughing) – Hi. – What’s on the docket for tonight? – Some watching. This is called „Haunt Season.“ – Oh! Never heard of it! – You will. (laughs) – Phew! What a crazy couple of days! I need some relaxation, perhaps some meditation, perhaps with help from the the Headspace app. Perhaps thank you for Headspace for sponsoring this video. A handful of years ago, I did a month of meditation video, and that was my first time trying it. Of course, it’s great. Since then, off and on, I will go back to meditation, especially at night when I’m trying to go to sleep. This has been very helpful with keeping me on track. Several guides here who can lead you through your mind journey. Through that mixed-up brain of yours. I don’t know if your brain’s mixed up, but, you know, chances are. There is, in fact, a whole sleep section. Just allowing thoughts to come and go, allowing the mind to drift off as you come to a place of rest. It guides you through your whole day. It reminded me to breathe this morning. This lady told me how to let go of things. Guided meditation, a little yoga workout this afternoon. – Hello, and welcome to this Headspace yoga session. – And then a wind-down at night. You don’t have to do all of these things every day. What I usually do is if I have a moment, I’m like, „Huh, I feel like I need to relax right now.“ Just open up the app, do a breathing exercise or a meditation exercise, and feel better. This is an app for feeling better though. If you wanna feel worse, I don’t know, Twitter. On their website, they say that Headspace is your mind’s best friend, and I agree. Had I known Headspace back then, it would’ve been the best man at my wedding. You wanna move garbage around with me? – Yeah. – So if you wanna reduce your stress, improve your mental health, feel good on a regular basis, I’d give it a try. If you wanna feel bad, I recommend Twitter. You can’t really lose. If you click the link below, you will get 60 days completely free. Or scan the QR code that is right on the screen. 60 days, free! I can’t think of anything I do for 60 days that’s free. Going to the bathroom? No, I gotta pay for utilities. And 60 days is a long time. They say Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it was built in 60. Okay, now I’ve taken a little excursion from the sleep routine. Let’s get back to it. Make some sort of presenting motion. Can you make your teeth ding? – Yeah. – You didn’t do it. Try again. – Yes, I did! – Oh! (both laughing) No, nevermind, you did. You did. I took off a few days, abandoned you. I’m actually looking forward to getting back to a routine. I just want to get enough sleep. I wanna feel organized. – For the record, I mostly stuck to the routine. – You didn’t send me any footage, so I don’t believe you. You wanna do a reenactment? Cut to reenactment. – I don’t wanna do a reenactment. – Okay, maybe I won’t cut to anything, we’ll see. Oh man, I kind of miss having a regular night. – We’re old. – This is definitely an old person’s exercise. – I just wanna have my routine. That’s past my bedtime! – Oh, Jasper! I can’t go out tonight, I gotta clean my kitchen! – Jasper is such a weird choice. My back really does hurt right now. – Really? – Yeah. It hurts when I breathe. – Oh, wow! I would take you to the doctor, but that doesn’t start with R. – Recuperate! – Okay, you convinced me. We gotta wake Ada up and take you to the doctor. – No, how about „relax the muscles in my back with a rassage?“ (Craig humming affirmatively) – It feels weird shooting video of us reading in bed. It kind of goes against the whole point of- – You’re not supposed to be on your screen right now. – It’s a camera. – It’s a phone. – Well, the screen’s on the other side. – You had to look at it (Craig shushing) to set it up. – This is a hard challenge to shoot video of is my point. I’m actually truly loving this routine now. I wake up in the morning, the house is reset, walk this dog, and then get right to work. Basically worry-free, it’s really nice. – The cleaning of the kitchen part has gotten much easier. There’s not a base level of disaster. Also, we haven’t been, like, cooking at home that often. – That’s a whole other issue. – Let’s make video about that. – Okay. – We got back to cooking. – No one’s gonna cook for a month. How about „We cooked a meal every night for a month?“ – A lot of people would be like, „So?“ – Yeah, that’s not gonna work. – „We’ve been lazy oafs for years, and started cooking again, here’s what happened.“ – I’m going to bed. – „But we’re gonna start cooking again, and here’s what happened.“ – It probably does more to organize my day than anything else. More than a morning routine, more than a work schedule. Throughout my twenties and my teens, I just let my alarm clock dictate my day. Made no adjustments to my evening, trying to stay up as long as possible. Watch more of this TV show, play more of this video game, stay out with friends longer. When you do a nighttime routine, when you got nothing going on that evening, which is most evenings, probably, you’re taking control of it yourself. And when you’re resetting everything and preparing it for the next day, everything feels the same when you wake up in the morning. This shouldn’t be a revelation to me, but it feels a little bit like a revelation. I didn’t expect that the nighttime routine would affect my days so much. But actually, when I think about it, nighttime has been the culprit of most of the problems I have during the day. It most affects how I feel. And it has been the most inconsistent thing in my life. I never wanted to go to sleep since I was a little kid. Trying to get to bed on time has been a constant struggle throughout my life. And this is working because I have set times to do certain things in the evening, which gets the ball rolling, which gets me in bed around the same time. And we’re not even sticking to it that strictly. Like, we’re being a little bit late here and there, but we’re still doing it and it’s still working. I don’t ever wanna stop this. I mean, occasionally, when I go to Weezer concerts or whatever, but I wanna return to it, always. Like, this is making me want to make this my whole thing. Write a book, „(beep) Your Morning Routine. It’s about nighttime routines, bro. Or sis, or person.“ I probably should expand my audience. I’m probably not gonna write a book. – Just allowing thoughts to come and go, allowing the mind to drift off as you come to a place of rest. – You’re in the middle of coughing, so I made sure to turn the camera on real quick before you were done. – And I saw that you were gonna turn the camera on, so I made sure to not be done. – How are you feeling about nighttime routine? – I feel great about it. – So are you saying I’m a visionary with my four R method? – With naming the method. – I mean, I feel like I invented this. I don’t think anyone’s done a nighttime routine. – That is true. I did read an article and it said nothing about night routines. – What was the article about? – Just, like, a dog. – Are we gonna keep it up? – I certainly hope so. I love it. I’m reading a book. – I’m reading, too! – With words in it. – I’m almost done with „The Great Gatsby.“ It turns out the butler did it. – I’ve been taking more night showers. – Night showers, that should be your album name. – It is. – Oh! – It’s decided. – Wow. That’s another idea of mine, I’m a visionary. – I know, I read an article that wasn’t about that, too. – Okay. There will be nights when we will both fail. I think we should always return to the four R’s. – I think we should. – This has always been the most disorganized part of my life, is the nighttime. I think that is the main cause of any problems I have the next day. A great morning routine is great, but I think a better way is to focus even more on nighttime. It does feel like more of a sacrifice. – But I think overall, like, it’s, for us, this is very reasonable. 9:30 being off screens is very reasonable. – I was able to fall asleep, sometimes before 11:00. It wasn’t hard at all to fall asleep. – I’m kind of tired right now. – Yeah, every time, it worked. This is good, guys. If you really want to fix your sleep, I mean, it might be a little bit of a sacrifice. Sometimes you’re just not gonna have as fun an evening as you want, but it really works. – Yeah. I mean, you know, adjust the times to your individual schedules. If you don’t have to wake up until 10:00… – If your goal is to be up at, like, 5:00 AM… – If your goal is to never sleep, just, you know… – That’s gonna require a different routine of some kind. Probably a lot of, uh… – Dying? – Dying. – Yeah, probably a lot of that. On that note, thank you for watching, everybody. Last video was me laying on a pokey mat every day for 30 days, that she bought me for my birthday. She made me suffer and it’s a delight, you should check it out. – Bought it for you for Christmas. – Oh, in the video, I say it’s for my birthday. – Oh, I know, I watched the video. – You watched the video? – Yeah! – Wow, you watch my videos? – Yeah, baby! – Oh yeah, can you wink? – I can do more than wink. – Can you make it ding this time? – (sighs) It dinged, okay.