Ultimate Self-Defense Challenge: Contenders Battle Knife Attackers in Padded Room

In this video, six martial arts YouTubers compete against each other to determine who will become the Ultimate Self-Defense Champion. In the latest challenge, each participant had to defend against a knife attacker for 20 seconds, with points awarded based on their ability to remain unscathed. Unfortunately, none of the contenders were able to receive points in this challenge, as they all suffered fatal wounds. The video ends with the anticipation of the final challenge, where one contender will have the opportunity to potentially change the outcome.

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Key Insights:

  • The six martial arts YouTubers are competing against each other to become the ultimate self-defense champion.
  • Participants had to defend against knife attackers in a padded room for 20 seconds, with each new attacker.
  • Running away was not an option in the challenge, participants had to defend themselves.
  • Points were awarded based on the participants‘ ability to remain unscathed after each round.
  • Most participants failed to earn any points in the challenge, with fatal wounds being common.
  • The difficulty of defending against a knife attacker was highlighted, emphasizing the importance of proper training.
  • The final challenge could potentially change the standings dramatically with a chance to earn nine points.
  • The anticipation and nerves were high as the final challenge approached.


I see the guys coming out of their exhaust spin ACH after that I was pretty upset with myself they got exponent literally harder after completing a set of cell defense scenarios the six martial arts YouTubers who are competing against each other to find out who will become the old mid-sell defense Champion had only an hour break before they were set to compete in the next challenge and while they were able to keep up good spirits when I win and you ship the boat I don’t want to put in my suitcase no no I wanted to be in pristine Condition it’s not the ultimate Pretty Boy championship it’s the ultimate self-convention I hope it’s got like bullet holes start with in fact when I win it I’m gonna go home I’m gonna shoot it the contenders were also gradually falling apart and I’m super stressed other guys are stressed from getting hit and they had to hard Ramsay’s injured and I still need to be a participant my mind is just too full of everything comments on your knees and bed sheets boom a dude drops on my head my knee buckles and it just got worse from there and after the short break they were asked once again to wear Anatomy t-shirts and the rules of the next challenge were explained each participant will enter a padded room where they will be joined by a single attacker carrying a marker representing a knight the contender will then have to defend against the knife attacker for 20 seconds four times in a row each time with a new and fresh attacker and running away will not be an option as the space will represent a rock rumor escaping is impossible the contenders will receive points after each attempt and if at the end of 20 seconds they will remain unscathed They will receive three points each time if there will be wounds that are not fatal two points will be received if the wounds will be deadly zero points will be given and every time a contender will get wounded a woman will appear on the screen and now it is time to begin the challenge starting with Ramsay do I wasn’t feeling good when you’re not feeling good physically it puts a huge damper over how you’re feeling every other way I go in there feeling like through this I don’t even care I don’t train for a knife and they’re gonna go all Jordan Chow sewing machine style I’m going to get lit up here and it’s gonna suck 20 seconds Starts Now Ready set go I held the hand that the knife was in thinking all I need to do is hold you here for a couple of seconds I don’t even need to hit you and then I feel this little on the other side what are you doing oh the markers on the other side you can change hands and gone I’m gonna get lit up here and it’s gonna suck self-fulfilling prophecy that’s exactly what happened thank you terrible terrible worst thing I’ve hated every moment it’s incredibly frustrating when somebody’s doing something against your Willy and you can do nothing about it in retrospect instead of focusing on the knife if I had just followed any Combat Sports strategy or MMA for boxing for kickboxing for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu I would have been stabbed but I would have been stabbed less well the Rams you do was unsuccessful there was still chance for the other five contenders following with sense he said 20 seconds Starts Now well Seth did a great job unfortunately his multiple stab wounds were assessed as fatal leaving him with zero points and three more rounds to go Ready Set Go thank you did have a lot of success with grabbing a body trying to pin that arm to the body and just run it until that person hit a wall well since he said yet again did a great job at fighting his opponent he suffered multiple steps to his heart and other vital areas leading him with another zero guy who punched me so dang hard we’re cool but I’m gonna look at you like this for a while I hit a hip toss on him and I land a crucifix somehow I’ve never practiced a crucifix I kind of barely know what a crucifix looks like because of some old UFC fight all sudden his arms were between my arms and legs oh let me just sit back and I sit back and he can’t move at all what is this magic although Sensei Seth landed a great hip toss in a crucifix you got stabbed multiple times in vital areas leaving him with one more zero yeah I like the demeanor Elena beautiful sidekick launched old buddy across the room then I run up and and try and headbutt him despite doing a great job at all four rounds as you said experienced fatal wounds each time and did not earn any points for this challenge hey man I’m hearing positive things oh yeah they just stabbed me a bunch I rushed my ass off so now your T-shirt though compared to Ramses looks great um that surprising Falls in your stomach but Ramsay had way more I thought I was kind of gonna do better in Shark Tank to be honest and Jeff Chan Was preparing to go next I thought since they said did better so so I’m like okay he he’s my competitor here I thought I could do the same strategy as I did in the circle by this time after taking them down they were scrambling way too much foreign oh my God took them down and they were able to pass it and stop stop pass the steps that’s gonna do anything I gotta teach the face into a takedown again if I’m gonna lose at least something entertaining foreign yeah well check out how she went back I think I settle on the back look up after it I was pretty upset with myself I should have tried while standing two hand the knife and just pin it I should have done that so far half of the contenders failed to get even a single point but the other half still had a chance to change the situation starting with I see Mike and his extensive training in knife defense last year I did about 70 hours of coursework in knife defense with some of the best knife defense instructors in America time I know he stabbed me to death but I think I took him with me foreign dropping the old ground and pound GSP knees but to the Dome and I was trying to crush that guy’s skull I mean not really I’m really trying to scripture but in my mind I was crushing that guy’s skull oh my God despite all the effort icy Mike also receives zero points for this challenge [Applause] I was like I knew my legs were they’re literally jealous my lack of masks talking about how you sidekick the guy across the room like okay never I know how to throw the same thing I kicked many a dudes crazy to me is it no matter how well it felt like you were doing you were still probably getting stabbed there was one I felt real good about he probably did get me that’s the thing about this you don’t know and even when it’s real you don’t know people that get stabbed report it feels like getting punched we could put anyone in the world in that situation and they’re gonna have the same results as you probably left to be honest those guys that run all those knife workshops that you’ve attended you’re gonna end up the same way any of those courses do they take it to that level if you do it’s usually one time and it’s another participant but not a guy who this is what I do you may be wondering why we were asking the contenders to fight a knife attacker in a closed room since when speaking about self-defense most people say that you should simply run away unfortunately running away isn’t always an option as you may be with your wife or child or you may get trapped in a closed area at the same time while many people claim that they could defeat a knife attacker the reality is that it is not a simple task at all as it is clearly evident in our challenge as none of the four contenders so far were able to receive any points at all and only two were left to try to make a difference strength tank I was nervous about that I see the guys coming out of the Chang tank and they’re exhausted they’re just spent and I’m thinking man this is going to be hard and Matt was the next one to put things on the line I figured I’m in a bit of a recessive mindset I need to switch that to become the predator and I just started swearing at Aaron and that helped me transition into being a bit more aggressive and just focusing on finishing the job even though Matt was close to surviving his wounds proved to be fatal and he did not get any points for the first round oh my God guys foreign despite a great show of heart like the rest of the competitors Matt did not get any points and then it was my turn to have the final attempt Ready set go oh there’s potentially Ikea technique in there should I do it or should not do I realize if I’m gonna do it probably he’s gonna switch hands even though I got only three wounds the judges assessed that they were fatal and I received zero points four rounds everyone comes out exhausted so I’m thinking I’ll try to defend myself as best as I can but if I see I’m dying I’m going to conserve my energy for the next round times they placed an object in the middle oh this is going to be great I’m gonna use my Aikido evasive skills I’m going to use that object and the guy comes in I’m using the object against him and he picks it out of his way and I’m like what was the purpose of that thing you just kicked it out of the way laughs at times tackled him I find myself sitting there on top of him hit him in a pretty good position and I’m like I’m not gonna move from here so touching my helmet here I’m like this is not as bad as it could be in a slow motion fashion he moves towards my neck and slashes it I’m not giving up despite my attacker slashing my throat once I let go after the bell I soon learned that the judges were discussing whether I survived this round like this was done during that was done after that’s suffice League that’s not a fight the other three no question dead this one that’s in question you guys have a discussion and after having a discussion the judges decided that I received two points and although it was a mix of skill and luck I was still exhilarated to score points for this challenge bringing me much closer to the top two contenders you and Sensei Seth were the big underdogs and you guys are on par right now but everything can change since in the final challenge a single Contender will have the chance to earn a total of nine points potentially changing everything and soon enough we will find out who will become the first ever ultimate self-defense champion I started to feel my heart pounding I’m like holy I am standing behind that door in a sprinters stance with my hands shaking like this and in walks like two of the biggest humans I’ve ever seen in my life I can barely walk but oh well suck it up buttercup let’s go foreign